Your New Weight Loss Program Might Not Fix You

It matters very little what diet or exercise plan you incorporate into your life to lose weight. If your heart and mind are not into it entirely as a lifetime commitment, then you are almost assured failure in the end. Every day we can open up any type of media and be bombarded with any number of different types of weight loss schemes. Although you can lose weight temporarily on them, most of these marketers are snake oil salesmen at best.

Weight loss per client was 3.9 pounds per week? You had better be a special kind of stupid, or seriously uninformed if you believe this total bullshit for a multitude of reasons. No professional nutritionalist will ever have you attemptng to lose 3.9 pounds per week as it is not a healthy rate of loss which is also not sustainable. The most weight you want to lose weekly as a target is only 1 to 2 pounds maximum of body fat in order to maintain your health.

You can lose that amount of weight, 3.9 pounds, in your first week or two on a diet plan, but that weight is mostly water weight that will drop rapidly for everyone when first beginning a diet.

Do not confuse water weight with body fat as being meaningful when you step onto your scale. Water weight will come back as rapidly as it is shed.

When you reduce your calories a good deal, your body begins using glycogen for energy after it has depleted glucose. Rapid water weight loss occurs because the metabolizing glycogen is bound to 3 to 4 grams of water which is released during the metabolic process. Thus, you experience a rapid water weight loss.

If you are significantly over weight, or obese, a 3.9 pound per week weightl loss over a period of time, besides being risky to your health, is quite likely to leave you with at a minimum, unsightly and saggy excess skin. In the worse case scenario you can suffer medical issues from excessive sagging skin left over from your weight loss such as infection from open friction sores and fungal infections.

Damn, it is a good thing they are the only program that will try to trick your metabolism. What a crock of bullshit! There is never a need to hack, or trick, your metabolism for weight loss. What you have to do is clean up your diet. Eliminate added sugar or at least greatly reduce your intake of it. Quit cooking processed foods of convenience and learn to cook whole healthy foods, and lastly, get up and move your body enough to burn off body fat through physical exercise. If you have to trick your metabolism, you are doomed to fail in the long term even if you lose in the short term. These kinds of hacks do not involve getting your heart and mind wrapped around a permenent lifestyle change to healthy living at your best body fat percentage.

You can bet your ass that when you fail at this snake oil weight loss program, they are going to place all of the blame on you. They tell you in their add results depend on how well you adhere to the program. This program, like others are about getting you to an end point with no consideration of getting you through the rest of your life.

Another batch of snake oil for you!

Read the above: Easy meals, no guess work. Delivering perfectly portioned breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. No counting, no measuring, no weigh ins.

Can they possibly be serious?

Unfortunately, they are serious and you need to consider what they are offering you. Rather what they are not offering you which is learning to prepare your own healthy meals in proper portion sizes. There is no accountability to yourself other than to follow their plan. What are you going to do once you reach your goal weight and move on without them? Odds are you will regain your lost weight because you did not learn anything, nor did you have to take personal responsibility other than eating their poor quality meals. ( I have tasted their food when my dear wife tried their program, It tastes like hell warmed over)

As in the first plan above, you first lose a bunch of water weight. Water weight is not what you need to worry yourself about, body fat is. You need not get excited about the first week or two as the weight loss is not indicative of how the remaining time on program will go for you. It is the long term results that matter most, not the short term.

The problem is, despite the fact you can now add in your own grocery items, you are still dependent for the most part on their meals. This diet program is not teaching you anything useful for weight loss and healthy living, but it is making you ready to get to the end of the program as their foods are poor tasting. There is also nothing included in this that will get your heart and mind into the program, as you are just blindly following their lame and simple program.

As with lots of diet plans, the flexibility gets folks into trouble all the time. This flexibility is enticing and sounds benign enough, but for people who have had little to no appetite control over the course of their lives, flexibility leads to more and more flexibility all the time which means they will always struggle with attaining success. This problem is compounded when those glasses of wine are added into the mix. Follow any weight loss social media for a short period of time and you are bound to see this issue come up.

Jenny Craig! Hell, this has got to be great!

Seems to be a familiar trend here…

Ok, I am not going to repeat everything I just wrote about Nutrisystem and Slim 4 Life here, but really, I could go word for word and have it all apply just the same for Jenny Craig as well. These marketers care more about taking your hard earned cash than they do about helping you.

Screw me to tears, this procedure might be perfect for one who already has very little body fat and wants to get better defined for modeling or bathing suit weather. But, it is not a procedure for one who is fat, period.

Surgical procedures do not address emotional eating issues.

Surgical issues do not teach you about proper nutrition.

Surgical procedures do not get your ass moving in the gym or anywhere else for that matter.

Surgical procedure results can be just as short lived as those from the bullshit diet plans I already listed above.

If your mind is not wrapped around doing what it requires to get and keep your body at a healthy body fat percentage, you are just throwing your money away by having a surgical procedure to make yourself look better long enough to get into that outfit that you picked out months ago for an upcoming social engagement.

One day results. Targeted fat removal…

If you have been over weight or obese for a significant number of years, do you think one day can possibly fix your obesity problem? Even if your body did become smaller?

Do you think you will now picture yourself as being thin and in shape with this new body? Or will your mind still still see a fat person when you look in the mirror? A problem with rapid weight loss is for some it takes the mind more time to catch up with the body, the same as anorexics see themselves as being fat. You very well may still see your fat self when you look in the mirror. Rapid weight loss plays tricks on the mind.

If you walk into this procedure as an obese individual, do you believe your skin is going to just shrink up as they insert that big needle under your skin and suck out the fat? If so, you better think again. If you shake the stuffing out of a feather pillow, the pillow case does not shrink does it? Well, neither is your body. You will have to have more procedures to get the body you want and if you have not fixed your mind, nutrition and physical fitness habits, you are wasting your time and money.

You might consider that affordable financing too as this means they are not inexpensive!

Before you go into debt with one of these outfits, do yourself justice and read this disclaimer from Sonobello. Images do not constitute a guarantee, promise, nor representation of any particular outcome or experience!

No guarantee’s! You would have to be a special kind of stupid to go into debt for NO GUARANTEE!.

Look, the bottom line to having a healthy looking body is to actually have a healthy body. And there are no short cuts to achieving one if you are not already there. You have to have your mind wrapped around a permenent change of lifestyle in order to achieve that healthy body. This is first and foremost the key to getting there, no matter who the hell you are.

You have to adopt the attitude that what you are doing to get a healthy body is a life time commitment and not some half assed effort to find a number on your scale, only to lose it in a few short weeks because you are not into health for the long haul.

Do you really want to be only half assed?

Your mind and heart have to be in the race or you will lose every time.

Healthy nutrition is neither time consuming nor is it expensive as some believe. You can prepare a meal, consume it, and then clean up your mess in less time and expense than you can go through a fast food drive through. When you eat healthy, whole foods without added sugars you will remain satiated far longer than when you eat crap foods that are processed and contain added sugars. This in itself can reduce your food bill.

You just got to get your mind wrapped around it.

You have a busy schedule everyday, probably as everyone else you know, but there can always be time and money found to visit a doctor when you need to. Think of all the time and money you could save if you got yourself healthy through nutrition and physical fitness. A great many common ailments such as inflammation, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, liver, kidney and pancreas problems and others can all be traced back to poor nutritional habits and laziness. Cold hard fact there, you are usualy going to be the sole cause of your sickness. Can’t afford the medical bills, then you should fix yourself before you need to fuck your doctor by not paying your bills.

Forget trying to take short cuts to a good body, forget hacking life to get there. You are only selling yourself short. Forget all the snake oil salesmen waiting to take your money with some foolish short term plan to make you shed a few pounds at best, and only temporarily at that. I know you have to be more intelligent than that, right? If not, I could use a few donations…

But seriously, we have worked tirelessly to bring our readers quality information to help lose weight to a healthy body fat percentage and we have never charged any of you a penny for this work. Our goal at David’s Way is to help you to a better, healthier life.

Thank you for reading.

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