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Lose 10 Pounds this Summer!



After the Fourth of July swimsuits go on sale, Fall decorations begin to show up in Walmart, the barbecues and pool parties begin to slow and the exhilaration of the Season begins to fade. The excitement of getting slimmed down for the Summer is gone and we can have trouble focusing on our goals if they were based on that eternal quest for looking great in Summer clothes.

The Reality

The truth is that there is still about twelve weeks left of Summer…11.7 to be exact. This means that if you use the Calorie Counter Pro here on the blog, you have plenty of time to lose at least 10 pounds this Summer. The Calorie Counter Pro will give you exact guidelines to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week. We advise you to lose 1 pound per week because it’s easier and you’re less likely to quit if it’s easier. Slow fat loss is always better than fast. Your habits will be changed gradually with less trauma and become more ingrained into your daily life. Your skin will adapt much better with slow loss. The subcutaneous layer of fat will be decreased slowly allowing the elasticity of your skin to remain better intact. You will look much better if you lose your fat slowly.

Seasonal Advantages

While the excitement of the Season is waning, the inspiration of the Season remains. It’s the hottest time of the year and that means less clothing. There’s still that incentive to look good in shorts or a swimsuit. You will also withstand the heat much better if you are not overeating and you are shedding body fat. That extra layer of fat makes you much hotter and you have extra weight to carry around. Start losing now and just a few pounds less will be noticeable in the “Dog Days” of August. You can get outside in the morning and evening and you can avail yourself of the pool and other outside Seasonal activities.

The Season of Gluttony

Before we know it, we will be bombarded with a series of Holidays that seem to have gluttony front and center. Regardless of why we say we are celebrating these Holidays, huge amounts of rich, sugar laden, fattening foods are always present. In the United States this gastronomical assault will begin early in October and continue until Spring, one Holiday after another, all offering their different unhealthy food choices. Most people use the Holidays as an excuse to make poor choices. The average weight gain during this time is between 5 and 10 pounds. This number will vary depending on where you read. If you’re over about 5 years old, you know this is true. Why not get the jump on this assault on your health and shed some pounds now?

Boost the Burn

Immediately after the Calorie Counter Pro you will see charts telling you how many calories you burn for various activities. As David says, “You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.” You have to get your eating under control first. Then you can burn a few extra calories by adding in some activity that you either enjoy or are simply willing to do. As the pounds come off you will build some muscle and look so much better and improve your health. Muscle is necessary for a healthy body. It not only increases your metabolism, it also helps prevent falls and gives you a better quality of life all around. Being strong gives you independence and autonomy which is great for your mental health. With your doctor’s permission, activity is a win-win situation.

Get Up and Go

The secret to health, longevity and high functionality is to keep pushing forward. Here at a time when so many are ready to toss in the towel and party the Summer away with food, drink and lethargy, I admonish you to get up and regroup. Your health is your most precious belonging. It’s never too late to make it your number one priority.

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