Be Encouraged


When the voices say you can’t go on

get up and show them that

they are wrong. Don’t Quit.


When all around you closes in

and darkness rises

deep within,

When pain reigns

and there’s no escape

When life gives nothing,

it just takes and takes,

When your best efforts seem in vain,

and your goals move away and begin to wane,

When it seems that things remain the same,

Don’t Quit.


Press on, get up, do over, be tough.

Never say never.

Never say die.

Never give in.

Even if you cry.

Can’t never could,

no would or should,

just do it again. Don’t Quit.


Blood, sweat and tears…

Days, years…

Small victories, gains…

They think you’re insane. Don’t Quit.


Small victories grow and

steal the show.

You’re somewhat surprised

when right before your eyes

your hard work creates

your victory.

It permeates

your very soul and in spite of the doubt,

then you know

it was worth the time,

it was worth the pain,

victory is sweet…


do it again,

Don’t Quit.



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