Your Genes Are Not To Blame

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Take Control

At Davids Way we teach to be proactive instead of reactive. This simply means to be creative and in control of your life as opposed to just accepting every negative event that life throws at you as inevitable. Believe me, this makes all the difference in the world in your level of happiness. If you believe that your “weight problem” is genetic rather than a result of what you put in your mouth, you will always be overweight. David wrote about genetic contributions to obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in his article here

It’s Up To You

Genetic links to obesity have been studied at length. According to T.H. Chan of the Harvard School of Public Health, while there are genes that can contribute to obesity in ways such as interaction with fried foods in a unique manner, everyone who has these genes does not become obese. (1) It is not your destiny. It is still your choice. If fried foods make the scale go up, the answer is, “Don’t eat fried foods.” I don’t. It’s a choice.

Genes Are Not King

The research has made it clear that these genes make a very small contribution to obesity risk. Genes are not your destiny. Healthy lifestyles can more than compensate for these cellular differences. While there is a single gene mutation that can contribute to how often or intensely we feel hunger, it is rare and can be managed. If I eat empty calories, foods with little nutritional value, I stay hungry. If I make every calorie count with quality nutrition, I rarely experience true hunger. The key is to make absolutely sure that every calorie is a good nutrition source. I have to get the recommended amount of protein for my body as a heavy weight lifter and avoid all added sugars.


When I was growing up, my mother was obsessed with my weight. While that was not really a completely good thing, one of her strategies to control my weight was to remove empty calories. She provided healthy, wholesome meals and baked a cake no more than once a week. Sometimes she would go weeks without having any desserts in the house. When I followed her plan, I would lose weight. I had friends who appeared to be genetically blessed to be thin. When their moms furnished an abundance of junk foods with sugar, those genetically blessed creatures would fatten up. This supports the statements in the various studies that a healthy lifestyle can change your destiny while poor food choices can exacerbate the tendency to put on weight.

Genes Are Not The Cause

While genetic anomalies have been observed, the number of  affected genes is an incredibly small percentage of our total gene pool. Their ability to affect the amount of fat on our body is insignificant when we make good food choices and get active. The genes of humans have remained largely the same throughout history so it is changes in society that have made a negative impact on obesity rates. Environmental changes that make it easier to overeat far outweigh any genetic input. Changes that curtail physical activity also contribute to the current explosion of obesity. Easy access to food 24 hours a day contributes on a large scale. The current trend to sit all the time even after leaving our jobs is deadly. While I love the internet, I do not allow it to prevent me from working out. I turn this off and get under that barbell or bridle up my dog for a walk. Sometimes I grab my backpack and head into the wilderness for a long hike. On those days, I fuel my workouts with adequate calories of healthy foods but never use that activity as an excuse to overeat. I actually gained weight one time because I would swim laps for two hours and then go to the yogurt shop for a “healthy” sundae. There is a huge influx of added sugars into our diet. It’s up to us to cut it out of our lives if we want to be healthy. Our habits create the body that we live in.

Your Choice

Knowledge is power. Since you have read this article, you can no longer use genetics as an excuse to be unhealthy. What will you do with the information provided here on the blog? Will you continue with unhealthy habits and pay the ultimate price with your health and eventually your life? While some  people believe that they had rather die than change, death is not usually quick or painless. Death caused by the complications of obesity is usually long and painful. Make a decision today to be your best self. and live a rich, rewarding, full life able to be active with your grandchildren and enjoy doing things that only a healthy body can do. It’s up to you. Get proactive today. Read about being proactive here and here




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  1. lunchbox270 says:

    Another blog post that is absolutely spot on! Darn right your death will be slow and painful. Not only that, you’re going to be dependent on others to take care of you, because you won’t be able to take care of yourself.

    I am going through this right now, with my boyfriend. He and I have been together for 26 years. He has experienced countless medical issues due to his weight.

    Last May, I decided I was tired of being obese (not just obese, but morbidly obese), and I was going to do something about it. I begged and pleaded for my boyfriend to join me in my quest to get healthy, but he wanted no part of it.

    As an unwilling participant, he lost 64 pounds by eating a little healthier. I have lost 81 pounds since I started. However; it may have been too late for him.

    He has now been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, on top of diagnosis of COPD, and heart failure. It is IMPERATIVE that he gets up and moves every day, but for the most part, he is bed-ridden, due to his weight.

    He is in a diaper, due to lymphedema, that has settled in his genital area (due to excess weight).

    My life has changed drastically, due to his weight issue. If he was lighter, he’d still be able to move around. He needs 24 hour care. He can no longer go out, unless it’s for a doctors’ appointment. He has difficulty swallowing, so I have to make sure his food is soft enough for him to eat, and I have to crush his pills, and give them to him with applesauce. I also have to change him, since he can no longer use the bathroom.

    If you’re at an unhealthy weight, you might have a negative impact on others, as well as yourself.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Oh, Marie! My heart goes out to you and your boyfriend. You are a strong woman and I deeply admire your determination to get healthy. Thank you so much for this comment. Sincerely, Brenda Sue ♥️

    2. David Yochim says:

      Thank you for such a heartfelt response to this blog post, my heart goes out to you my friend. We are going through a similar situation with a family member in my home as yourself. My wife and I are caring for a morbifly obese family member with significant health issues.

      I want to congratulate you on your weight loss, and I pray you have continued success. Brenda Sue and I put a lot of time and work into this blog in order to help good people such as yourself. This blog is a labor of love to help others to living healthier lives. God bless, and thank you for reading and commenting. COmments and questions are always welcome and will always be answered.


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