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Decide Now

How many times have you tried to get healthy? If you are anything like I was for most of my life, your answer is “I lost count.” There is still hope. The answer to this dilemma is simply deciding what is most important to you.

One Last Time

This is not to say that it will be easy in the beginning of your final commitment. I say “final” because when you truly commit, it’s done. You will not be perfect in your commitment but you will stay committed. When you vary from your program, you will suffer the consequences and get back on track. The trick is to stay committed. In order to stay committed, you must be willing to be miserable at times in the beginning. You have used sugar and excess, poor quality food as everything from a tranquilizer to a party drug. You will be in withdrawal, especially from sugar. It may not be fun or pretty. The outcome will be, however. Are you in this for immediate gratification or long-term wins? Do you want to be the old, broken down,  fat lady or the old, strong, fit woman who makes people wonder exactly how you manage to be that strong and healthy “at your age.”? Personally, I truly enjoy being the strongest person in the room at 62 and looking good enough in a bikini to wear one if I want to do that. 😉

The Agony and The Ecstasy

As you go into your initial withdrawal period, you may be horribly depressed and anxious. You may not. If you are, just realize that it will pass and you will emerge a different person. Is that appealing? Do you want to be different or are you content the way that you are? I was not content with extra weight and a low level of fitness. You may get away with that for years and be relatively content but the day will come that your lab numbers will turn on you. I developed high blood pressure and the medication that I was prescribed was a horrible drug. When I quit eating any added sugars and started working out really hard, the high blood pressure fixed itself. I don’t take any medication whatsoever. I work a full-time, high stress job and care for a special needs family member and blog. I believe in David’s Way because it fixed me. I eat a high protein, low carb diet. I DO NOT do keto. I lift heavy weights and eat more protein than a non-lifter but read David’s articles Protein Supplements and Pragmatic View on Protein for some good guidelines concerning protein intake.

Plan Success

A common mistake that many of us make is not planning our meals. Because I am so busy, I have to make food a high priority. It’s a little ironic that the health freak in building is the one who eats all the time. Since I do not eat added sugars, sometimes it’s a little difficult to get all of my 1800 calories/day. Go to the Calorie Counter and determine the number of calories that you need each day for success at losing, gaining or maintaining your weight. I have a high calorie, high protein shake when I first get up and make a lunch to eat here or carry to work and still eat a baked fish and vegetable plate at work and sometimes still have calories to eat after work. I have to focus on getting all of them because I will not be strong for my lifting unless I eat all of them. So many younger people that I work with come to work without eating anything of substance. When we don’t eat nutritious meals, we feel justified to have that Iced Death By Sugar Double Mocha Latte Frappe that just sets us up for cravings and hunger throughout the rest of the day and evening. We also feel justified to binge eat because hey, after all, we haven’t eaten, right? Plan your meals and follow through with nutritious, whole foods and stop cravings in their path.


Always get your doctor’s permission before beginning any exercise program. Once you have discussed this critical issue with your doctor, decide what you want to do to be active. At one time I was an avid swimmer because I liked it. It was great for a while but after a few years I began to want more. Now I lift heavy weights. You decide what is best for you. Whatever you decide, make it your job. Put it first. Don’t do it “whenever I have time” or when you “feel like it”. There are many days that I don’t feel like it. There are even more days that I don’t have the time. David taught this to me. It’s critical. If your health is important to you and you have your doctor’s permission, make your workout the priority in your life. I live to lift and lift to live. Everything else comes after that. If you don’t make it your number one priority, you will not do it as often as you need to do it. There will always be friends and family that want to commandeer your time. There will always be something else on which to spend your money. Again, decide now. Do you want to be fit or just whine and complain because you’re not? Anti-depressants and anxiety medications won’t fix a saggy butt, they will just make you learn to live with it.


Learn to say “No.” to extra work and social engagements that interfere with getting some sleep. If you burn the candle at both ends, schedule some serious down time every chance that you get. On my off days I stay in the bed until I have a really good reason to get up. Domestic chores can wait. Most appointments and people can wait. Remember, there will always be people who want your time, money and energy. Choose carefully how you will use these precious resources. Make sure that the recipients of your resources are worth it. If we get too tired and wired we overeat and it’s usually carbs that tend to deposit around your waistline and increase belly fat which increases cortisol levels that create havoc in our bodies. Get some rest.

Measure Your Success

Keep accurate records of your weight and fitness goals and progress. David says that “What gets measured, gets done.” I have been lifting for about a year and a half now and I have learned to keep meticulous records of my lifts. That way I have specific goals. This week I set three new Personal Records with my deadlift, an unusual week but a wonderful week. This would not have happened if I had not kept detailed records of my weights, reps, calories, rest and state of mind when I was lifting. Study your program and psyche it out. You are an important project. Act like it.

Reach Out

Make sure that you have support in your endeavor to be healthy. We are here. We will answer your questions and reply to comments. You can leave comments on the articles or use the Contact button to send us an email. You can also fill out the “Subscribe” information on the Home page and receive every article in your inbox. There is also a Forum where you can start or add to an existing discussion for additional information, just click the Forum button on the Home page. You will have the unique advantage of both a male and female perspective from people who live this program at no cost. It’s free. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your health today.

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