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Weight Matters


Common Fallacy

There is a school of thought nowadays that the amount of fat that we carry on our bodies should not or does not matter. Quite often I am asked “How can I lose weight?” When the first thing that I tell them is “Quit eating sugar.” almost without fail, the response that I hear is, “…but, that’s so hard! It’s so good!” Yes, it’s hard, for about ten days, but it’s not nearly as hard as the complications of carrying the excess weight. That will last much longer. That will last for the rest of your life.

The Risks
Adult Onset Diabetes is a direct result of what you eat. Many bone and joint problems are preventable simply by controlling your weight. Excessive tissue in the face and neck can cause sleep apnea and sleep apnea can cause atrial fibrillation and atrial fibrillation can cause a stroke. Extra fat cells can contribute to cancer. None of these options appeal to me, how about you? Self esteem plummets as the number on the scale rises and anxiety, depression and the complications of those are sometimes more than you expect. Anxiety raises your blood pressure which raises your risk of heart disease and stroke.

The Difference
I never pretend that weight control is easy. I do, however adamantly promote the fact that to live well, it is absolutely necessary. I have weighed much more than I do now and worn a size 22. I am 5’6″ tall. Believe me, life is much better at 135 pounds and a size 8. I have energy to burn and normal blood pressure. I work hard, have no chronic pain, no blood sugar problems whatsoever and I am treated much better by almost everybody. As a “fat chick” I was treated like I was stupid by a lot of people and my low self esteem kept me from pursuing goals that I have now achieved.

Make a Decision

I had to make a commitment. I had to decide, once and for all that I would be healthy. In previous attempts at weight loss I went at it like maybe it would happen, maybe I would be successful. This time, I just decided to do it. I decided that I would do whatever necessary to have the life that I want, nothing, not even me, would get in my way. Commit.

Realistic Goals

I also set goals that were realistic. So often we want to lose a huge amount of weight in a short time. You may find a way to do that but you will never live with it. Creating a lifestyle of health and self care is the only thing that works in the long run. Here at David’s Way we help you live well. We encourage you to eat moderate amounts of good whole foods, keeping your carbohydrate intake low, but healthy, and getting lots of good protein. We advise setting a goal of one pound per week weight loss. That way your healthy changes become a healthy lifestyle, not a crazy fad diet. Leave off the simple carbs altogether and eat complex carbs for your carbohydrate intake. Do something that you can live with for the rest of your life. David’s Way is very user friendly. Set common sense goals and you will be encouraged when you reach them.

What’s Important to You?

Your motivation is critical. My motivation is a determination to be unusually strong and healthy, so strong that every muscle is defined. It’s fine to be motivated by wanting to look good in a bikini. I certainly want that, but your motivation needs to be very important and compelling. Dig down deeply and find something that burns in your soul that will make you accountable to yourself.

Work Out

While abs are made in the kitchen and you can never outrun a bad diet, you will benefit greatly from getting active, with your doctor’s permission. Find an activity that you enjoy and commit to doing it at least four times per week. Quite often we say we’re going to exercise and average about 1-2 times per week. That won’t do much for you. Get serious and see results.

Make It Forever

I also committed for a lifestyle, not a “diet”. Don’t think that you’re going to “do it and get it over with”. That won’t work. When David first began training me, I asked him, “How long will this take?” His answer was, “The rest of your life.” He was right.

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