Caulipower Margherita Pizza Review


Well, I was anxious to try this pizza because it seemed like a good thing. There is no wheat flour in the crust to degrade into sugar, so that is a plus. Compared to Freschetta Margherita Pizza, it is a similar nutritional choice. Caulipower Margherita has 330 calories, 34 Net Grams of carbs, 15 grams of fat and 12 grams of protein while Freschetta Margherita has 370 calories, 46 Net Grams of carbs, 14 grams of fat and 16 grams of protein. The Freschetta serving is 1/4 of the pie while the Caulipower pizza is 1/2. The Caulipower pizza sounds like a lot more , but 1/2 of that pizza is not much because it’s so thin. The addition of cauliflower is probably insignificant when you consider that this is still a highly processed food with a long list of ingredients. At David’s Way we favor whole foods.

The nutritional information is good to know but the truth is that when we reach for a frozen pizza, we are interested in taste and texture. Here’s where we may disagree if you like these pizzas. While there was nothing bad about this pizza, there was nothing good. The crust seemed like an under cooked biscuit that didn’t rise properly because it had a chewy, gummy texture even after cooking until it was quite brown on the bottom. The Margherita flavor is simply a combination of tomato, basil and parmesan cheese. This may be part of the problem for me. It was thin and chewy and seemed like glorified cheese toast. I do like a hearty pizza if I eat pizza, which almost never happens these days. We have a wonderful “Pizza Casserole” recipe here at David’s Way that satisfies me so I don’t venture into fast food for pizza. Again, I prefer whole foods. I could eat the Caulipower pizza but had no reason to eat it except that I was hungry. It was certainly not because I loved it.

At $6.48 it was cheap enough, but I cannot imagine being satisfied with half of that pizza. It was barely an appetizer. Because I am a strength trainer, I am accustomed to being full and satisfied. At David’s Way, we never go hungry except for the minor hunger that we sometimes experience during the fasting hours of Intermittent Fasting. We always have more calories to eat than we can easily manage. This serving of this pizza made me hungry all night long. For 370 calories I could have had a massive amount of whole food with substantial protein that would have sustained me nicely, all night.

If you are a fan of the Margherita flavor and style of pizza, you may like this pizza better than I do. Everyone is different, but for my calories, I will stick with whole foods and our recipes here at David’s Way. Caulipower Margherita is available at Walmart if you want to give it a try.

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  1. Cauliflower in pizza.
    A new concept for me.

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Hey, Doctor, it’s a new one for me and I could have just as well not ever known about it for all the good it will ever do me! 😝 It’s good to hear from you!

      1. Thanks Brenda.

        I have a request for you .
        Could you find me an easy recipe for protein bars

      2. Brenda Sue says:

        Yes, Ma’am! We will get you one up before the weekend is over! Thank you, Doc! 💕

      3. David Yochim says:

        Do you have a special flavor request? We are more than happy to get a recipe up for you.

      4. That is very kind.
        Any flavour really that includes nuts and seeds and preferably naturally sweetened with honey or raisins.

      5. David Yochim says:

        Dr. Tanya, I have put up a delicious protein bar recipe full of nuts, seeds and fruit for your enjoyment. As always, we truly appreciate you.

      6. Thank you David.
        I really appreciate how much time and interest you and Brenda guve to your readers.

      7. David Yochim says:

        It’s our pleasure.

      8. David Yochim says:

        It’s our pleasure to interact with our readers. We are passionate in our mission to help others in living healthier lives.

      9. Brenda Sue says:

        Tanya, quite often you make our day! We love our Followers. We are on a mission and some people really encourage us, thank you.

    2. David Yochim says:

      Cauliflower being utilized for pizza dough has become a thing with all the Keto craze. Like Brenda, I was not too impressed with this particular pizza, but have used cauliflower in a cloud bread type base for an enchilada casserole recipe we have posted in our recipes. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. We truly appreciate you.

      1. The keto pizza base and other flour used in my part of the world had ground almonds.
        That has given some people kidney stones from too much calcium.
        So other alternatives need to be explored and cauliflower seems such a good idea.

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