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Here at David’s Way we get frequent requests through our blog contact menu from people who are needing help and or advice in how to lose and manage their weight in a healthy manner. Our goal is to help others in living healthier lives through proper nutrition and exercise.

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If, or when you request our assistance or advice, we will always have a few standard questions we will ask of you. While the answers to these simple questions are important for us, they need to also be important to you in order for us to help you help yourself. Please understand that no matter your response to any of these questions, we cast no judgement. We actually understand your plight,  as we have been through the same struggles with weight as you.

  1. What brings you to us for advice?
    • Are you simply tired of how you look and feel?
    • Are you desperate? Have you tried everything under the sun only to have failed with each and every attempt at weight loss?
    • Is family or friends badgering you to lose weight?
    • Are you trying to appease these well meaning loved one? you have to do this for yourself, not for the sake of others.
    • Worse case scenario, as a result of you weight, are you now suffering the consequences of bad health as a result of your poor dietary habits?
    • Do you have another health condition where your weight is keeping you from receiving necessary medical procedures such as surgeries?
  2. Are you truly ready to make a healthy change with yourself?
    • This question ties in with number 1. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “not ready” and 10 being “ready”, any score less than a 7 seven means you are not likely to succeed in achieving your objective. We have found little to no success from those who do not truly approach their weight loss agenda feeling anything less than ready to make a change. Those who are not fully committed to a lifestyle change are doomed to failure.
    • Know that while we will still provide you with advice, taking it all on board and incorporating positive changes are on you to accomplish for yourself.
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, are you going to adhere to your dietary goals?
    • With 1 being “never” and 10 being “always”.
    • If you are never going to adhere, please do not waste any of ours or your own time. Dietary goals must be kept, otherwise you will only have temporary success at best.
    • Here at David’s Way, we promote a high protein, low carbohydrate lifestyle where you do not eat simple carbs such as sugar, nor do we consume processed foods such as whole prepared meals you can toss into your oven for a half hour or so.
    • The fact we tell you to not eat sugar or processed foods is what separates us from some of the big weight loss businesses such as Weight Watchers where they tell you it is okay to still eat sugar as long as you track it. By telling one who is carb addicted they can still eat sugar, it is akin to Alcoholics Anonymous telling their members an occasional beer or drink will not hurt. If you have a weight problem as a result of a carb addiction, you are not likely to just be able to bring it under control by will power alone. A carb addiction is not a mental weakness, it comes as a chemical biological response within your body where your only control is by not eating that which drives your addiction.
  4. Are you confident in making a lifestyle change?
    • With 1 being “not ready” and 10 being “very ready”. Even if you are not confident, we can still work with you. We understand that a new healthy lifestyle may be an entirely new concept to you. Yet we also know that confidence can be built on over time with many small victories.
    • If you are confident in yourself, then there is no limit to where a healthy lifestyle can carry you.
  5. We will want to know lastly the degree of importance a healthy life style is to you.
    • With 1 being “not ready” and 10 being “very ready”
    • If there is little to no degree of importance in losing weight and getting healthy, then please take a hard look at yourself and consider a few things such as:
      1. Just how heavy are you comfortable in getting?
      2. Why are you comfortable being over weight, and where are you going to draw the line?
      3. Being obese will at some point cause you health issues, if not already. Are you okay with type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart failure, high blood pressure, cancers, among many other weight and nutrition related ailments?
      4. Can you afford high medical bills that are a direct result of your poor habits? If not, you had better well reconsider your lifestyle.
      5. Is the sugar laden foods you enjoy for comfort worth your life?
      6. How much value do you place on your own life?

We are here for you and are happy to answer your comments or questions. Know that we are direct and to the point and will not sugar coat anything to spare your feelings. We believe the best path forward is paved with the truth. The gravity of your situation must be dealt with in order to best help you. Again, this is what separates us from the others. We have a desire to help our readers and to never use you as a perpetual income stream such as how the others will.

The blog information and articles will always be free to you. In the near future, we will have an app where all your nutrition and fitness activities can be tracked. At this point we will have a small fee for the app in order to cover our expenses. At some point also we will be taking on clients full time, this too will be a paid service. We will keep you posted of our progress towards these endeavors.

Thank you and God bless for reading.

Comments and questions are most welcome!

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