Why Monday?

I can remember always planning to “start my diet” on Monday, you know, right after a weekend of feasting and binge eating everything in sight. It made for a great weekend of mindless abandon where my nutrition was concerned. Somehow though, “Monday” never came as long as I was eating sugar. I continually craved salt, sugar and fat. Pizza and brownies filled the bill nicely, and “Monday” never came.

Always wanting to be at a good body fat percentage, but never doing what it takes to get there, is a combination of two things, being habituated to instant gratification and procrastination. In our fast paced, instant, drive-through world, we are conditioned that we don’t have to wait for anything. We want everything right now and we don’t want to put forth any effort to obtain it. We act like we believe that everything should be on a touch screen where you just touch it and BAM! it’s yours. As soon as we discover that whatever we want may take a little work to achieve, we immediately begin to put off starting that project and procrastination takes over our lofty goals.

I also remember the first time that I heard the phrase, “Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life”. It changed me. I realized that the time to start was right now. I struggled with all kinds of weight loss plans for years, shakes, appetite suppressant candies, weight loss groups, extremely low calorie diets, low-carb, keto…oh, and let’s not forget the “Grapefruit Diet”. You see, although I had the revelation that I had to start NOW, I didn’t have the revelation that there is no quick fix. We don’t do it and get it over with. We simply follow good nutrition principles for the rest of our lives and over time, trusting the process, the magic is worked. We become slim and healthy for life. I did not know the secret to this until I discovered David’s Way.

At David’s Way we simply teach a program of sound nutrition with no empty calories followed for the rest of your life. You will lose the amount of weight that you need to lose following this plan. If you procrastinate about beginning, you are delving deeper into your addiction and adding more pounds to your already stressed body. Why do you think that piling thousands of empty calories into your stomach and overloading all your vital organs from binge eating over an entire weekend will make “Monday” any easier? People die from binge eating. The cardiovascular system has to step up it’s pace to accommodate all those extra calories and sometimes it’s just not up to it.

Do yourself a favor. With your doctor’s permission, start now. Start right now. Go to the Calorie Counter Pro and download your personalized plan to get to a healthy weight. Start now. It’s FREE. We’re here to answer any questions you may have along the way. Let us know how you’re doing.

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