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10 Ways to Help Manage Our Hormones, Ladies!


1-Get some light.

Natural light is better but if it’s  dark where you are, turn on  ALL the lights. It’s  proven to improve mood.

2-Get active.

Whatever you do, don’t  sit and vegetate! Exercise changes all of our neurotransmitters for the better.

3- Eat whole, healthy foods.

Whole foods supply the best nutrition and satisfy hunger to curtail mindless eating.

4-Embrace the positive.

Fill your mind with good things and avoid negative input. This is critical to improving our state of mind. It’s  an obvious truth but so often we neglect this vital piece of the puzzle.

5-Get enough sleep.

Again, this will improve neurotransmitter function. Rest is essential to good mood.

6-Do what is necessary.

Accomplish important tasks quickly and get that off of your mind.

7-Do what you love.

All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. Have some fun!

8-Do it well.

Go for that sense of pride in a job well done.

9-Say “No!”

Avoid overtasking yourself with other people’s requests.

10-Make your health your number 1 priority.

When you’re  in good health, everything is better! Learn how here at David’s Way. We’re FREE and we’re always open . 😎


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