How to Accomplish Anything



There are some people who finish what they start and there are others  who  give up  way too quickly. Everyone would love a quick fix but victory is not a quick win, and then moving on to something  else. When it comes to your health,  victory is a lifestyle of wise choices. There are ways to “keep on, keeping on” that work.

Make your goals clear.

Make your goals measurable. If you know where you start and measure your progress all along,  you are much more likely to  stay encouraged enough to progress.

Break your goals down into mini-goals. While I know where I want to go as a strength trainer, I also know that I won’t get there quickly. I have smaller goals that I can actually achieve along the way to my ultimate success. When I hit those goals it’s  a wonderful  day and I am renewed to go again.

Never forget  your ultimate goals. Don’t  “settle”. If you’re  not making progress, research and find out why. Staying after your best self will keep you inspired.

Surround  yourself with positive, motivated people. This includes media. Don’t waste time on negative nonsense. Use your online time wisely to research information that will propel you towards your goals.

Use any negative feelings that you may have as indicators of where you need to do the most work. I have  always known that I wanted to redefine aging and I have spent my entire life avoiding the stereotypical pattern of aging that is so prevalent in the U.S. I have avoided cigarettes because they destroy collagen and overall health. I do not drink alcohol because it dries the skin over time. I don’t  eat sugar because it causes inflammation  and glycation in the skin. I avoid the sun because it just ruins your skin period. I work out hard to build muscle rather than lose it with age and continually regroup my entire life and priorities to move closer to my goal of remaining vital. As a result of this lifestyle, at 63 I work full-time, scheduled part-time, work on this website, and then work out like a maniac while caring for a special needs family member. I am the sole supporter in my home. I feared becoming the typical 63 year old woman. I fueled my life with the adrenaline of that fear and became something  completely different.  I am not typical. Use your fear as fuel.

Keep going even when you  fail because if you stop, there’s nowhere to go except down.

Never focus on the negative. Be fully aware of your strengths, resources and capabilities and use them. Celebrate your  victories and thank people who have helped you. They will be more willing to help you again and no matter how far you have come, you may need them again.

Continue to keep meticulous records of your progress. David says that “What gets measured, gets done.” Keep records and don’t cut yourself any slack. With good records, progress is a natural occurrence.

And whatever you  do, DON’T QUIT.


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