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Can you pass this fitness quiz?

Find out how much you really know about exercise. Some of the answers may surprise you.

  1. There is no such thing as an under active metabolism.                                                                      True___  False___
  2. Exercise is  not of much use for dieters because it burns relatively few calories.                  True___  False___
  3. Exercise can help prevent the body from losing muscle.                                                                True___  False___
  4. Walking one mile burns nearly the same calories as running one mile.                                   True___  False___
  5. Expensive exercise suits are worth the money because the special materials help the body. True___  False___
  6. Climbing stairs requires more energy  per minute than traditional exercises such as swimming and jogging.                                                                                                                                                        True___   False___
  7. Your resting pulse rate will increase as you lose weight and get in better condition.          True___  False___
  8. To get a cardiovascular training effect, an exerciser must achieve the right combination of frequency, intensity, and duration of activity.                                                                                        True___  False___
  9. No exercise can help you lose fat in specific body parts.                                                                      True___  False___
  10. Jogging and cycling are good forms of exercise for people who are trying to lose weight. True___  False___
  11. Using stairs is a convenient and accessible way for many people to increase activity.      True___  False___
  12. American adults are more physically active than they were 200 years ago.                            True___  False___
  13. You should not exercise if you feel hungry because exercise will increase your appetite. True___  False___
  14. When you go on a diet, your body loses fat but not muscle tissue.                                            True___  False___
  15. Small, incremental and consistent exercise can provide great benefits for the dieter.      True___  False___


  1. False.Even if you have a slow metabolic rate, exercise will promote weight loss for you. In fact, if you incorporate strength training into your exercise regimen, your metabolism will increase as you build lean muscle mass. At a minimum, strength training will help you retain the lean muscle mass you already have which will mitigate your metabolism becoming even more underactive.
  2. False. The cumulative effect of exercise can increase caloric expenditure by several hundred calories per day. One word of caution though.; a mistake made by many is they will underestimate the number of calories they might consume in a day while greatly over rating the number of calories they burn through their exercise. Be accurate in all of your tracking.
  3. True. Exercise maximizes the loss of fat and can help prevent the loss of lean muscle tissue, especially when strength training has been incorporated.
  4. True. How far you go is more important than how fast you go. While this is true, know that your body is going to derive more benefit from getting your heart rate into the aerobic fat burning zone for a mile over the benefit from not doing so. Even if you do not jog or run, do yourself a favor and walk at a brisk enough pace in order to raise your heart rate. This will give a far superior cardiovascular workout that will help immensely in lowering your blood pressure while increasing your lung volume.
  5. False. Rubberized sweat suits and other gimmicks do not provide any benefit and can be dangerous by causing your body to over heat Leave these things alone and dress comfortably. At best, these sweat suits and other gimmicks only cause you to lose water weight which you will immediately put back on once you drink a glass or two of water.
  6. True. You can accumulate significant caloric expenditure over the course of a day if you often use the stairs. Just do not trick yourself into thinking that a few flights of stairs that only took you a couple minutes at best are actually going to give you more physical benefit swimming or jogging for longer duration and distance.
  7. False. Your resting pulse rate will come down as you become more physically fit. This is a sign that your heart has become stronger and can pump more blood with each beat.
  8. True. However, you should not worry about achieving a specific dose of exercise. Focus on increasing your activity level.
  9. True. Increasing caloric expenditure can help reduce body fat in general, but you cannot control the areas where body fat will be lost. There is no such thing as being able to spot reduce body fat. You will first notice reductions in body fat where the accumulations are in the least amount, yet the rate of reduction will be the same throughout your entire body.
  10. True. Both burn a lot of calories quickly, improve overall fitness and make you feel good.
  11. True. Most people have access to stairs, so it’s easy to climb several flights per day. If you do not have stairs, you can always purchase exercise steps relatively cheaply.
  12. False. Motorized transportation and countless labor-saving devices have greatly reduced physical activity on the job and during leisure time.
  13. False. If anything, exercise will temporarily blunt your appetite, although in the long run, more exercise will require more calories. However, exercise seems to help regulate caloric intake to appropriate levels.
  14. False. Caloric restriction causes significant loos of muscle tissue. Weight loss by exercise or by a combination of exercise and diet tends to come mainly from fat stores.
  15. True. Strive to accumulate several activities during the course of each day.

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  1. Interesting how many misconceptions we have!

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