Choose What You Want Most

Are you in love with actually losing weight?

Or, are you actually more in love with just the idea of losing weight?

You might be wondering where am I going with this topic, obviously most people with obesity issues would appear to want to lose weight. But, do they really want to do what it takes to get their weight down, and then, to successfully maintain their body at a healthy body fat percentage? An example to make my point from the world of body building is there are multitudes of people who profess they want to look like a body builder, that is, until it is time to do what it is that body builders actually do. Body building is extremely hard work that takes disciplined commitment for life in order to achieve and maintain a finely chiseled physique. It takes working out when you might not really feel like it. It takes maintaining a healthy diet and recovery time for rest. It takes still hitting the iron when their friends who do not lift might be after them to just take a day off to go out bar hopping. It takes choosing between what you think you want now, and what you want most.

Weight loss and the subsequent management afterwards takes the exact same mentality as it is also a method of body re-composition. When people ask me for weight loss advice, I always have a set of standard questions which I will ask of them:

  1. Why do you want to lose weight? While it would seem the answer to this question should be obvious, it is important to know their “why”. Is it simply a matter of vanity? Wanting to look better? Or is it a health issue that weight loss will help to resolve? Have you become sick and tired of being sick and tired with the way you look and feel? I’m going to render assistance no matter the reason given, but the answers will give me an idea of how committed you will be towards achieving and then maintaining a healthy body fat percentage.
  2. Are you truly ready to lose weight? If you hedge on answering this question, odds are you are not going to be successful in anything beyond a temporary weight loss. As with the body builder, your body re-composition is going to take dedication and discipline on your part. If you are not ready to do what it takes, you need to revisit question number one.
  3. Do you feel that you are capable of losing weight? You may have struggled and failed in the past with weight loss. You might have watched others struggle and fail and thought if they cold not do it, then you could not either. I’m going to tell you, everyone, even the morbidly obese, are physically capable of losing weight. And it can be done in a healthy manner without feeling as if you are denying yourself anything. You can do it if you truly have the desire to do so. Despite there being a chemical/biological obstacle to weight loss, the most difficult obstacle you will encounter lies largely in your mind.
    • The chemical/biological obstacle is your addiction to sugar and other simple carbohydrates with the exception of fruit which have fiber that regulates how quickly sugar is passed into your bloodstream. You have to get your mind around quitting foods that contain added sugar, and processed foods to include most fast foods.
    • Losing weight in order to achieve a healthy percentage of body fat is going to take making up your mind to make the personal commitment to hold yourself to a higher standard of discipline once you begin your journey. Detailed instructions of our methodology can be found on our home page. We have written exhaustively about this topic in over 600 nutrition, fitness and health articles contained within this website.
    • You can still enjoy delicious sweet treats under our methodology. Under our website recipes section, we give you a plethora of sugar free dessert and treat recipes along with recipes for healthy meal ideas.
    • If you are of the mind that healthy eating is too expensive, ask yourself these questions:
      1. How expensive is type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and all other ailments directly attributed to obesity.
      2. How expensive are your trips to the doctor for ailments that are 100% preventable through a healthy diet and exercise?
      3. How much do you spend on junk foods and drive through garbage?
      4. You will find it is actually less expensive to eat healthy than it is to not. The extra you might spend on groceries will be more than made up for by giving up calorie dense, nutrient poor foods.
      5. If you feel you have too little time to prepare healthy foods at home, how much time do you have to run through the local fast food drive through’s in a week? How much time do you have to sit in a doctors office?
      6. How much is your life worth? Is your life worth more than poor food choices?

We understand that with being human life circumstances sometimes arise that can derail us. We also know that the longer you practice personal discipline, the easier it will come to you when bad things do happen in your life. When it seems everything has turned rotten for you, be proactive with your life rather than reactive. Take a breather and analyse your situation and make a plan to overcome. Be a fighter and fight for your well being, you are worth the battle. As with body building, if you want a healthy body, then you must be always ready to do what healthy people do. Be disciplined and work hard to achieve what you want most instead of what you want now.

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  1. You are absolutely right, David. It’s all in the mind, and it’s called determination.

    1. David Yochim says:

      Thank you my kind friend. We can overcome most anything when we truly set our minds to doing it. I suffered a bad spinal injury 10 years ago which required surgery and a few months of physical therapy. It also took me a full year to learn to walk normal again. I overcame that injury, even after my physician recommended I go on full and permanent disability. I still suffer chronic pain each day from damage to my sciatic nerve. Yet I make a personal choice to still live the best and healthiest life I can. It truly is determination that makes or breaks us.

      1. Kudos to you, dear friend! Sending blessings your way…

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