Note from David, Regarding Our Recipes

Today I became aware that we had a huge glitch in our recipes menu where all the dessert recipes were appearing under the entree recipe menu. This glitch was causing confusion, but has now been fixed for easier navigation.

Friends, I apologize for any confusion regarding this administrative problem that was in our website settings that had escaped my attention. This is my first website I have ever built, so there has been a huge learning curve along the way as I have zero formal training in website development. This, on top of also working a 60 plus hour work week for my primary means of income.

Please, should any of you, our wonderful readers ever notice any area of this website that could be improved, let us know. As the builders and authors, Brenda Sue and I do not always see the website in the same light as you, the reader.



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  1. I never noticed since I access your posts from my notifications.
    It is remarkable what a great job you are doing along with all your other responsibilities.
    As for the glitch, well–life happens .

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