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Do you like the life that you have created? Most people do not. Most people, an estimated 57% (1), are not satisfied with their lives. It’s simply a matter of choice.

True, there are circumstances that can befall us that can drastically affect our happiness. Sickness of yourself and others, natural disasters, a difficult start in life,”bad” genetics for mental illness and abusive people in our environment can seem to destroy our level of happiness, but I know people who deal with all of these things successfully and are still able to live an extraordinary life. That’s the difference. They deal with it in the best way possible.

If you want an extraordinary life, you must make extraordinary decisions. How often do you try to just hit the”average” mark? If your goal is to be “average”, you will never be extraordinary or have an excellent life. You will have an average life and average is not happy, successful or fulfilled. Average is mediocre. Always make the decision that will move you towards your ultimate goals. Everything else is irrelevant. If you need more money and you get an opportunity to go to a better job, do it. Don’t lag behind out of misplaced loyalty, sentimentality or, worst of all, insecurity. Learn everything that you can about the new job. Focus on focusing on just that and go for it. How much better will your life be with more cash and better working conditions. Never make decisions based on insecurity. Always make decisions based on your ultimate goal.

If you want to be healthy and fit then make the decisions that will get you there. That momentary craving for sugar-laden trash food will pass if you avoid it long enough. It will take a while but if you keep your focus on your ultimate goal instead of your momentary craving, I promise you that the craving will pass. After a while, you will not crave sugar. Make an extraordinary decision to be healthy and then follow through with the actions that are necessary to accomplish that task. Imagine the day that you slip into your “skinny jeans” or go shopping for a swimsuit. Imagine the day that your doctor takes you off of some of your medications. Nothing tastes that good.

There is a common fallacy that some people are “lucky” or “Blessed” or just have “good genetics”. Let me tell you, no matter how “Blessed” that you are or how good your gene pool, unless you do your part, your life will be mediocre, and so will your health. There is no such thing as “lucky”. That’s just ridiculous. Everything that you have ever seen in the lives of others that you would like to emulate came from hard work. It might not have been that person’s hard work in the case of inherited wealth, but it was the result of somebody’s hard work. Amazing lives full of success don’t just materialize. They are wrought with blood, sweat and tears and tons of very hard work. The interesting thing is that no matter how hard the work, the victory is still sweet. I can testify to this.

Two years ago my life was literally turned upside down by a night of tornadoes that destroyed my home with my family in it. While we survived physically, it brought about major changes. I am happier than I have ever been. I work hard and have little time off but when I do, it’s sweet. I am faced with autism, sickness in the family and personal challenges that I face down every day. I win every single day. I fight for it. I make good choices. I eat well and work out hard. I do not tolerate abuse by anyone, family or otherwise. I will not be bullied. I made that decision the night of those tornadoes and changed everything in my life. It was well worth the battle. When I am at home now, I have peace. Life is good.

I challenge you to think big. Don’t limit yourself. When you decide what you want out of life then start making small daily choices that move you in that direction. Find someone who is living the life that you want and emulate them. Shun negative input. If anyone tells you that “You can’t do that!”, show them that you can. Don’t goof off. Make your time count for something. We spend way too much time avoiding the unpleasant tasks that are necessary for success. David and I have a running joke about procrastination at the barbell. When I first started lifting, I would sit and stare at that bar for long periods of time, dreading the weight pressing on me in the squat. It felt like it would surely crush me. As time passed, I learned that not only should I run out to meet that squat, I should just let it drop me to the floor. Quit fighting the inevitable crush of the weight on my body, just fall. Then all I had to do was get up. Sometimes we try so hard to avoid discomfort that we don’t get anything done. Wade in to whatever is crushing you, drop, get it done. Then stand up.

When I began my new life, walking away from a more financially secure situation, people thought that I was crazy. When I began lifting heavy they thought that I was crazier. Now, however, I’m much happier than they are and they call me if they need someone physically strong. Transformation doesn’t happen quickly but if you stay your course, it will happen. In creating the life that you want, you have to try new things. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “The Secret to Success”. That’s absurd. There is no secret. You create success by the choices that you make every moment of every day.

Take care of your health. Good health enables you to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Spend your time in worthwhile, creative endeavors. Most people spend way too much time being entertained and then wonder why the bank account is low and the scale is their sworn enemy. Again, work hard. Make money, work out, mind your nutrition. If you spend your time on these worth while projects, your bank account and your body will show the results. I have had more than one doctor who was younger than me say, “I wish my lab results looked like that.” I work at it. It didn’t just happen.

In order to move up higher, you have to step up. That can mean leaving the common and ordinary behind. Do you want a common or ordinary life? Probably not. Let go of the ropes and take a step up. Become responsible for your life, your present and your future. Stepping up also means stepping away from the familiar. Has the familiar served you well? The familiar is to stuff your face with unhealthy food and collapse into a sugar coma on the couch until it’s time to drag your lethargic carcass to bed. This lifestyle will destroy your health and ultimately your life. The costs of medical care are staggering. Get and stay healthy and save yourself a ton of money and live to enjoy it.

I have also heard the phrase, “Plan to succeed.” While the idea is good, all the planning and discussing in the world won’t do it. You do it. As Nike says, “Just Do It.” When I worked for a major weight loss company, I saw members come in and buy all the books, the kitchen gadgets, the snacks and even the wine glasses and come in a few weeks later and complain, “This just isn’t working for me. I don’t understand. I bought EVERYTHING!” True, they did. Their plan was good and it stopped there. They didn’t work it. It’s up to you. Will you work it? Decide, in favor of your health, today.

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