Achieve Your Goals By Going All In


There is a discrepancy  sometimes between  what people say and what people do. David has a saying, ” A lot of people want to look like a body builder but they don’t  want to do what a bodybuilder does.” If we really want to be successful we will commit fully. Until we fully commit we will never reach our goals.

A zealous person is described  as someone who is enthusiastic or passionate about something. The word describes keenness, eagerness, passion and an extreme commitment to work. Success in any lifelong pursuit such as extreme health and fitness for life requires this kind of commitment.

When we are totally committed to a project we can do the hardest work with a smile. We are working on our own goals. Nobody is making us commit. Why would we do any less than going all in?  Regardless of what we say that we want, unless we do what it takes to get to our goals, our words are meaningless. When I began lifting I secured equipment and changed my life to accommodate my commitment. While it’s  necessary to work at my places of employment, I do nothing else except lift. It is my life. I don’t feel sad or angry when I  forego social invitations  to work out. I chose this path.

When we go all in we will reap the rewards of our commitment. Even the most difficult  tasks will succumb to true dedication. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can be transferred. When we expend our energy on a project the project will display the energy and attention that we put into it. If we are vigilant in our dedication our goals will be realized.

One way to measure your commitment to any given project is to look at where you spend your money. Do you waste money eating at expensive restaurants, buying those desserts as big as  your  head? Seriously? Invest in your goals. Don’t  work against them. Do you buy expensive processed food items when you’re in the grocery store? Why would you do that if you say that you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy? Shop the periphery of the store and leave the high calorie, high carb, high sodium items that contain sugar and various food additives on the shelf. One way that we work against ourselves financially is to buy clothes that accommodate an expanding waistline and then run out and buy again when even those become too small. This is the season of sweatpants. They can accommodate a multitude of sins. Get some tight leggings to work out and quit increasing the size of your sweatpants to allow for Swiss Rolls. Again, that kind of behaviour is working directly against  your goals.

A common way that we fall short is doing the bare necessities in any program or project. When I  worked for a major weight loss company I  witnessed a specific negative behavior every time that I attended a meeting of the members. They would chronically complain that they had only eaten the amount of food that the program allowed but had not lost weight, or even gained, but as the conversations continued, they would reveal that they had manipulated the program in every way possible in order to eat as much as possible throughout the week. This was not only a lack of commitment but a direct form of self-sabotage. After that, it was easier to just quit “because it doesn’t work.” They were setting the stage for failure rather than success.

True zeal for anything is manifested by action. Don’t kid yourself. Unless you are utilizing all of your skills and mental capacity towards a goal, you don’t really want it at all. Get committed and go all in.

When you are truly zealous for something, it will be contagious. People around  you will want to know your secret. You will be successful and success draws people to you. Passion is inspirational and people need inspiration.

By pursuing your goals with eagerness, you will become a master of the process. As you become more and more proficient at your task, your goals will come  into sharper focus and you will achieve them when you’re not expecting that kind of success, because you will be wrapped up in what you do best, pursuing your goals. Get zealous and achieve success.

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