10 Ways To Get Over The Holidays

I must admit, in times past I had plenty to recover from after the Winter holidays. In recent years, I have changed a whole lot. It’s much easier to maintain balance now that I avoid over -indulgence during this time. If you have overdone it a bit, here’s some tips to help you get back on track.

1-Throw out the leftovers. Even if you took food home from someone else’s house, get rid of it. That rich, overly seasoned, sugary stuff will only serve to postpone your recovery and folks, Christmas is over. Be done with it.

2-Get moving. If the weather permits, walk outside underneath trees. That type of walking has been proven to raise the levels of GABA in your brain. GABA is a calming neurotransmitter. Right now you need a boost! If you can’t walk outside, then find a way to exercise indoors. Join a gym, buy a workout DVD, do a YouTube workout, even dancing to your favorite tunes will get your blood flowing and improve your mood, digestion and sleep. I have invested in weightlifting equipment for my home and never have an excuse to slack.

3-Get control of your finances now! The holidays tend to take a toll on us financially. Spend time now organizing your finances and begin to repair the damage. You will feel better immediately as soon as you have a recovery plan.The stress of the financial difficulty caused by Christmas is very real and psychologically damaging. Get control.

4-Quit celebrating already! I remember when I began celebrating in September and continued until Spring. That’s devastating on all fronts. It will destroy any efforts you have made to improve your health with healthy eating and exercise. A constant party doesn’t allow for either. When it’s over, stop.

5-Dismiss any negative input from negative “friends” or family during the festivities. There are some people who never have anything good to say. The holidays are no different. Consider the source and move on. After all, if some people had anything good to say you would wonder what they wanted from you, right? Those people live to manipulate others. Take their power from them. Dismiss their negativism as soon as it arises. Don’t even respond and don’t ponder their input. It’s meaningless.

6-Meal plan and grocery shop for healthy meals. Make menus in detail including a grocery list. That way you will always have what you need to eat healthy. Make your choices convenient and affordable so that your plans will actually be implemented.

7-Consider the stress in your life and make plans to reduce it. Most people are maxed out on stress right now so the sources of your stress may be glaringly obvious right now. Make a plan to reduce stress in your life. You will immediately feel a measure of control, even before implementing that plan.

8-Examine your daily habits. Do your daily habits move you closer to your goals? If not, change them.

9-Get some light. There are light boxes made for this time of year and they are good but any light will help your state of mind. Morning light is best but even turning the lights on in the house during the day can contribute to a better state of mind. Catch some rays!

10-Decide right now to make your health your #1 priority. Go into the New Year with a new incentive of this being your healthiest year yet! When health is your focus, recovery will come naturally.

Focus all of your efforts on getting healthy and this time next year you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how you feel and how much better your life will be in every way.

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  1. Happy holidays, David and Brenda Sue!

    1. Brenda Sue says:

      Happy Holidays, Dolly❣️

    2. David Yochim says:

      Happy Hannukah Dolly, may you be blessed in the New Year my friend.

      1. Thank you, David! Many blessings to you as well!

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