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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year and decade to all of our incredible readers around the globe. Brenda Sue and I greatly appreciate each and everyone of you!

In the last year, we have grown our website to include:

I began building David’s Way to Health and Fitness about one year and seven months ago. About two and a half months after I began this website, I asked Brenda Sue to write a few pieces for me to give a woman’s perspective to the topics we address in our articles. She jumped right in and has been a tremendous asset ever since. Together, we have built up this website, despite many personal challenges that have jumped into our path’s along the way. Brenda Sue had her house blown down around her by a tornado, and then she had a major career change a few months later. For me, I have been a care taker to a family member with liver cancer for almost the last year , and very recently my dear wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing a double mastectomy on Monday, January 6th.

Despite our own personal challenges in life, along with working demanding full time jobs atop of our health, nutrition and fitness writing, Brenda Sue and I have authored almost 700 articles between us, and we will continue to keep chugging away at this labor of love. It is only the two of us who have created this website. Our work has now reached 92 countries around the world.

My pledge to our readers is the information in this website will always be free to our readers and subscribers. I will never charge you a penny to access and read our work. That being said;

I have toyed with beginning a shopping feature in order to help offset the cost of operating this website, and to help pay the ever piling medical bills that keep coming in for my wife’s breast cancer. This shopping feature, once incorporated will include nutritional supplements and other items that are health and fitness related.

Again, my pledge is to keep all the articles and other features of this website entirely free to our readers and subscribers. Our mission is to help as many people in achieving fit and healthy body’s as we can.

Subscription to David’s Way to Health and Fitness is free and easy. Each new article we publish can come straight to your email, and again, this is all free to you. Please, if you enjoy our work, have benefited from our articles, share our David’s Way to Health and Fitness with all of your family and friends.

May each and everyone of you have a wonderful new year ahead of you.

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