Forget Your Summer Body

Every year people make resolutions for the new year that this year, they will be ready for bathing suit weather when summer arrives in six months.  While the intentions are golden, the reality for a good size percentage of these wishful thinkers  will only result in dismal failure. I wish this was not true, but if it were not, there would not be so many weight loss businesses out there waiting to pounce and take your hard earned money from out of your pocket. These legalized thieves know that desperate people will gladly hand over their money for that magic potion or procedure that is going to make them lose up to a pound a day until they reach their goal weight. If you believe this marketing crap, you are either as gullible as these thieves believe you to be, or you have a total lack of nutrition and fitness knowledge. I’m not trying to be mean or cruel in saying that, but it is true. These marketing people count on desperate people buying into their plan or procedure, not to help the client so much as they are working to enrich themselves through your suffering. You have to beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just because one has television ads, or proclaim to be doctors, it does not mean they have your best interest at heart.

Ironically, we at David’s Way are not even immune from these thieves contacting my website.

I’m going to be real with you. If you need to lose over twenty pounds over the next five and a half months in order to wear a two piece bathing suit this summer, you are not being realistic with yourself. You might lose the weight, but that does not mean you will be happy with the way you look without your clothes on. Too rapid weight loss will result in unsightly loose, flabby skin all about your body.

While the picture above is an extreme example of what happens with rapid weight loss from a high weight, you can still find yourself with the same issue by losing even less than fifty pounds too rapidly. Losing weight can be a long, frustrating process. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, we do not recommend losing more than one pound per week. Stay away from the quick fix schemes as fad diet promoters will promise you, after taking your money, the secret to weight loss might be to dance the Hokey Pokey while cutting out all carbs and swallowing cotton balls with large volumes of vinegar and warm water.  If you follow their idiotic plan, by God, you will be ready for bathing suit weather. Despite all the con artists and their quick weight loss diet strategies, weight management still boil’s down to the amount of  calories you consume versus those you burn off in a day.

 Reality Check!

If you are too far gone to wear a two piece bathing suit right now, you are likely to still be too far gone this summer. However, this does not mean you should just accept this as your fate. Hell no, you should never accept this kind of mediocrity out of yourself. Instead, you should set the bar high for yourself and get your ass into gear to have good health and a fit body year round instead of just worrying about the summer months. By only worrying yourself about a few months out of the year, you are only dooming yourself to a lifetime of being fat and out of shape. That is a hard truth, I will not sugar coat this fact for you to spare your feelings. I want you to understand that you can make a huge difference in your life, but it is a year round effort, not something you only do a few months out of the year.


A healthy and fit body is always going to present as a healthy and fit body no matter what you are wearing. No one will mistake you for fat and out of shape when you are truly fit.

An over weight or obese body will always present as over weight or obese, no matter what you are wearing. Baggy clothing fools no one!

The Solution!

I created this website specifically to help others lose and manage their weight. I brought Brenda Sue on as my co-author because she believes in my mission and is my first success story. It has been my pledge from day one, and it is still my pledge, I will never charge you a single penny to read our work and writings. This website will always be free to you. You can subscribe for free and receive every article we write straight to your email. To learn all about my methodology, simply click on the menu link David’s Way Plan under our Home menu link. I promise that by following my methodology, you will lose weight in a healthy manner, and you can have that fit and trim body year round. Quit fussing about presenting a temporary image for the summer. Start working on a healthy and fit body year round so that there is never a concern in regards to how you look in any type of clothing, or without.

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