Fight The Dark Days


Seasonal Affective Disorder is peaking right now. These are just a few tricks that work for me. I believe that everyone has to war against allowing the tragedies of life get them down. Some have great sadness and difficulty while others seem to have a charmed existence.  Something that I have noticed however, is that those who have traumatic events occur in their lives and have an ongoing struggle to survive almost seem better able to handle the everyday stress of life than those who have never dealt with those things. Either way, when we struggle, we need tools to help us through. ALWAYS seek professional help for mental struggles that interfere with your ability to enjoy your life or function. On a day to day, or moment by moment basis, there are a few things that seem to help me with daily stressful events, so I am sharing these things.

1-Declutter your environment. God! There is almost nothing as depressing as clutter. It can impede your ability to think and get things done. Throw it away!

2-Manage your finances! While a frivolous purchase may make you feel good in the moment, I can assure you that when your light bill is overdue because you impulsively bought that $500 purse online, you won’t be happy. Pay your bills first and then seriously consider if you need that junk that you’ll need to declutter this time next year.

3-Advocate for yourself. DO NOT be anyone’s whipping post. Don’t allow other people to use you for a “scape goat” at home, the workplace, your social life or anywhere else. Always be ready to defend yourself. Be mindful of your actions and do the best that you can. You won’t be perfect but if you have done your best, you can defend yourself. DON’T take the blame for other people’s mistakes.

4-#3 Do the best that you can. This is so important. People may hold you to a standard of perfection but that is their problem because they will not find anyone who is perfect or who does everything perfectly. When you do your best, that’s all there is and it is good enough. Just make sure that it is your best.

5-Don’t eat sugar. Read this website. There’s probably hundreds of reasons that I could list here but the bottom line is simple, it’s not good for you. It will contribute to mood swings, obesity, lethargy and disease. If you want to feel your best and be as healthy as you can be, don’t eat it.

6-Get some exercise, with your doctor’s permission. Sitting in the dark lamenting your lot in life is not going to improve it.

7-Associate only with positive, supportive people. When I was growing up in a small Southern town, there was a saying that my black friends used a lot, “Feed them with a long-handled spoon.” You may have to be around some of these Debbie Downers but interact as little as possible and move on and don’t listen to anything that they say.

8-I avoid sad everything. I will never understand why a person watches sad movies, listens to sad music and associates with sad, angry people and then wonders why they are depressed. Yes, sad events will befall us that we can’t avoid. Experience those things and move on. If you dwell in sadness you will be sad.

9-Dogs…instant upper. Be good to them and they will always make you feel better. Losing them is a nightmare but my dogs are always good for a laugh.

10-Comedy is good for the soul. Seek out humor in media. Find something that will make you laugh every day.

11-Sunshine, the vitamin D boost is a natural antidepressant.

Again, these are merely things that work to help me get through to Spring. ALWAYS seek professional help for depression. Hang tough, the soaring temperatures of Summer will be here all too soon.

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    As ever, great advise.

    1. David Yochim says:

      Thank you for the support and kind words of affirmation my friend.

    2. Brenda Sue says:

      Thank you! It’s good to hear from you again.

      1. jmarie1974 says:

        It’s good to be back! 😊

      2. David Yochim says:


  2. You are so right, dear friend!

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