Weight Loss Confidence


The Secret to Success

Long ago I noticed that being confident of my skills and abilities made anything that I attempted much easier to achieve. If I truly believe that I can do something, I automatically make small tweaks in my daily routine to accomplish that goal. I also make major changes to ensure my success, whenever they seem like a good idea. If we follow through on our positive mindset with positive actions, we are much more likely to see our dreams come to fruition. The belief that we can accomplish what we set out to do is called self-efficacy. It’s the difference in those who achieve and those who don’t. It’s a skill that can be developed, or learned, over time.

Like-Minded Individuals

It’s important to have a healthy support system when you undertake a difficult task. If your family and friends don’t support you fully in your weight loss initiative, seek out others who are like-minded concerning health and fitness. Seeing someone else fighting and winning the same battles that you are fighting will help empower you to success. We’re always here for an encouraging word either in comments or on our “Contact” button.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Be mindful of your inner dialogue. Always think to yourself the way that you would talk to a dear friend. Be careful to never think that you can’t lose weight! That’s a bit ridiculous. Anyone can lose weight. Tell yourself that you will reach your goal, that it will take some time, but you will do it! Change any negative talk to positive and watch yourself change what you do.

Always a Student

Be aware that physiology is a complex topic and you still have a lot to learn. David always says that “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This is so true! When I first began lifting, I wanted to know how long “It” would take. I truly didn’t know what I didn’t know, that “It” would take the rest of my life because it’s a lifestyle. It’s not a temporary diet or exercise program. I was, and will always be, willing to learn and actively seeking all the information that I can ferret out of research and practice. I am constantly learning about the Iron and how to apply it to my life. Without a willingness to learn, I would have given up a long time ago. Keep your mind open and stay hungry for information concerning your health and fitness.

Be Proud!

Always be proud of your accomplishments and celebrate them regardless of how big or small. If you were challenged in any way and you learned how to successfully navigate that issue, glory in it! Every Personal Record that I set, every barrier that I break through, is an adrenaline producing, endorphin pumping high! I feel like a total badass when those walls come tumbling down. I live for those moments and glory in them. If you accomplish one thing that you set out to do that is a positive action for your health, bask in it! Don’t let anyone rain on your parade.


Above all, keep your goals realistic. If you struggle with getting any exercise whatsoever, set an attainable workout goal, with your doctor. Don’t think for one minute that you will go from no exercise, to huffing and puffing your way through a gruelling two hour HIIT program every day. If you don’t like eggs, don’t plan on eating eggs every morning for breakfast. Set small, achievable goals and watch your self-confidence soar and your goals will begin to come into view. Then set a slightly bigger goal and do it again and again until achievement is your default. Then you will be living the goal-oriented, results producing, lifestyle that will carry you into good health for the rest of your life.

It Didn’t Happen Unless It’s Written Down!

Make a list of your accomplishments and add to it daily. I keep a written record of my lifting sessions. This will allow you to see how far that you have come. When we’re in this for the long haul, it becomes as natural as breathing and unless we write down our victories, we may forget how hard fought they were and get discouraged. Look back to see your progress but always look forward to new goals and celebrations. Remember, it’s the rest of your life, enjoy!

As always, consult your physician before beginning any weight loss program.




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