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The Battlefield of The Mind

It’s often said that where the mind goes, the body will follow. If we believe that we can do a hard task, we will. We may fail repeatedly but we will regroup and get up and go again until we do it. When I first began lifting what was going to be heavy weights, it was unimaginable that I would soon replace my beginner set. David told me that I would soon. I believed him. I couldn’t be trained by someone that I did not trust. I replaced that set a long time ago and now I call them my “Baby Weights”.  If I had not believed that I could progress to where I am now, I would have never done it. It’s hard. Today under the Iron, in order to stand back up, I told myself, “I can do this. I have to do this. This is everything. I am more than able.” and I stood up. We are so much more capable than we know unless we try. While my challenge is under the Iron, this same ideology applies to everything. If you don’t believe that you can control  your eating, you won’t. I believe not only that I can, I believe that there is no other option.

Acknowledge Your Insecurity

You can’t overcome a problem unless you admit that it exists. If you fear that you can’t follow a healthy eating plan, admit that and fill your mind with information and activities centered around your goals. Knowledge is power. Study this website. We have over 700 articles and recipes to keep you focused on your health initiative.

Discern What Your Insecurity Is Telling You

When we choose to not believe that we can change, that may mean that we really don’t want to change. That, my friends is the last nail in your coffin. Unless you want to change, you never will. No one can motivate you into caring about the quality and the length of your life. If you believe that junk food and lethargy is as good as it gets, then you will have that, with the body and health that goes with it.

Your insecurity may be revealing a lack of confidence. If you want to change, but lack confidence, you can begin to build confidence. Start with small steps and determine that you will not stop regardless of the level of difficulty that you encounter. Once you have made up your mind, your confidence will increase because you know that you will not stop until you are victorious. Then the battle becomes your everything. It is your life and your lifestyle. There is no going back. This kind of commitment will take you to your goal.

What Are Your Insecurities?

Take a long, hard look at yourself and figure out why you lack self-confidence. Are you comparing yourself to others? Don’t. It will paralyze you. While I take great pride in my accomplishments under the Iron, I always remember that all over the world there are women who warm up with my AMRAP, my heaviest weight. If I let that bother me, I would never lift. The weight that I lift is hard FOR ME. Since it’s hard for me and I’m pushing myself to my limit, it will do me as much good as those heavier weights do others who lift them.

Are you a perfectionist? While good form is a must to avoid injury, some people might believe that a constant increase in weight with only “good” lifting sessions is the only acceptable way to lift. Excuse me while I regain my composure… I wish that was the truth but the truth is that lifting can get painstakingly tedious and can make you really cranky if you always expect gains and great sessions. The same is true in everything, eating plans and life in general. Success comes from diligence, not perfection. Don’t allow the ethereal quality of perfectionism ruin your program. Do your best. That’s all there is.

Build Your Confidence

Every small step will take you closer to your goal. Celebrate your victories. If a person undermines your confidence ditch them. If you can’t handle the artificial images on social media, don’t look at them. Do what makes you feel badass and walk away from everything that does not. Simple. Yes, I know that sometimes it’s not easy, but it is simple. Just do it. I recreated my entire life at 60. Believe me, I understand.

Consider The Source

Whenever you figure out what your insecurities are, consider their source. If someone made you think that you always had to do things perfectly, take a look at them. Are they perfect? Probably not. Odds are they are a mess and they are trying to live vicariously through you or just control you. It’s easier to control someone with low self-esteem. Ditch them or at least ignore them. They don’t matter if they are undermining your health. The same goes for those who hold you up in comparison to others. Compare them to others. They won’t pass the test.

Remember, Take Care Of Yourself!

That’s what this is all about, self-care. All of the excuses in the world won’t get it done. The only thing that will insure success is continually getting back up after you fall down. Reasons to fail are not reasons, they are still excuses. Commit. Face your insecurities and satisfy them. Practice excellent self-care and get it done. You will slay your goals. Just Do It!


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