Realgood Low Carb Pizzas and Poppers Review


I must begin this review by stating the obvious. My opinion may not be yours. If a low carb, chicken crust pizza snack interests you, you might want to try these for yourself. Personally, I had to wrangle with the idea that “If you can’t say anyting good, say nothing at all.” before writing this review. Even my autistic son,who normally doesn’t struggle with trying to spare my feelings about anything, was less than enthusiastic where these products were concerned.

Late Night Discovery

As I rambled through the aisles of frozen food looking for frozen peas, the various new pizza inventions caught my eye. Always looking for new products to review, I was thrilled when my eyes fell on these pizzas. Wow! Low carb, no sugar added and high protein all rolled up into pizza and pizza rolls. The crust is made from chicken so they looked promising. I hurriedly threw them in my cart, checked out and drove home. They only take a few minutes to prepare in the microwave and I was preparing food for two so in about 15 minutes, I had both boxes ready. I had a lot of calories left for the day so I was able to sample both products. The sad thing was that I didn’t fix anything else and after one bite, I had eaten all of these products that I wanted. Had I not been hungry, which is pretty rare, I would have thrown them out and started over. At only $5.67 per box, the “dinner” was cheap enough but so is dogfood. I think that I might have liked that better.


If you absolutely LOVE salty chicken then you might really go for these processed foods but remember, I said SALTY. One serving of the Snack Size Pizzas contain 750 mg. of sodium which is 31% of the Daily Value of what our government recommends that we should eat. There are 2 servings in a box. Although the poppers contain 10%, you must realize that is for only 3 poppers. There’s 9 in a box. There was nothing about this salty, processed chicken concoction that reminded me of pizza. The texture was rubbery and seemed to chew back. The flavor was just chicken. When I asked my son how he liked them, with as much tact as an autistic man can muster, he said, “Uh, they’re a little bland.” The boy loves pizza… all pizza. This was not pizza to him.

Binge Food?

I understand that sometimes we may look for a substitute for a “trigger food”. If you are craving pizza and you don’t trust yourself with the real thing then you might find a use for these products, but what you should do is try our  pizza casserole recipe. It’s quick and easy to make and guaranteed to satisfy your craving. You control the ingredients so sodium is your choice. While the recipe calls for turkey pepperoni, you can modify that with any meat or other protein that you like. I frequently make it with ground beef which has only 306 mg for an entire pound of meat. You can serve this to your family with confidence that they will like it. My son loves for me to make this delectable recipe. Sometimes I modify it to make a Mexican inspired taco casserole with taco sauce and Mexican spices instead of tomato sauce and Italian seasonings. It’s your choice! The recipe is quite versatile. If you actually binge on these Realgood products, you’re going to ingest a lot of salt.

Overall Impression

I will not buy any of these products again. I buy very few processed foods to begin with and these will not make that list. While I was full and the high protein kept me satisfied, it was like taking bad medicine to choke that stuff down. I kept thinking that it “would get better’. It didn’t. I know we’re always looking for something that’s quick to fix but still meets the low-carb, high protein, no sugar added criteria but this ain’t it for me. I think I’ll fire up my crock pot so that supper will be waiting when I get here. Hopefully, I’ll get good reviews from my son on that. I think he may lock the door if he knows I’m coming in with this stuff. Again, you may like these products. If so, go for it if you can tolerate the salt. Personally, when I want pizza, I’m making my own with the aforementioned recipe. If there’s any recipe that you would like to see featured here on David’s Way, comment here or drop us an email on the “Contact” tab. We will find one just for you!


Wow! I wanted to give you a good, online photo of the nutritional information of these products, but the full label for the Snack Size Pizza is incredibly difficult to find! I can’t help but wonder if it’s because of the massive amount of sodium in this product. Even Walmart has a limited label available on their website. It doesn’t show the sodium, so I fished this box out of the garbage. See for yourself.



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