Morning Star Farms Veggie Lovers Vegan Burgers 10 Veggies, Seeds and Grains Review


The attractive feature of this product for me was the “Seeds and Grains” part of the name. I love seeds and grainy textures. While I would never accept this product as a burger replacement, I did really like it. It has a wonderfully nutty flavor and texture but it’s much more like a side dish instead of a main course for me. I was hungry when I  ate it and it was good enough that I ate two but even two didn’t satisfy my hunger.



This is the patty straight out of the box. It’s a full quarter pound and quite hearty. As per the box instructions, I sprayed it with olive oil and even sprayed the preheated skillet and browned it up in 12-14 minutes. It developed a slight crunchiness around the edges that I really liked.


The flavor of this veggie burger is excellent but it is nothing like a beef burger. It made me think of casseroles from my childhood. It called to mind my grandmother’s dressing, or stuffing if you’re from somewhere other than the Deep South. I thoroughly enjoyed the chewy, slightly crunchy texture of the seeds and grains. With carrots, mushrooms, onions, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and spinich in the recipe, the flavor is complex and subtle.


I thought that I would add mustard and ketchup to see if it would stand up to burger condiments and decided that was not a good idea. The mustard completely over-powered the subtle flavors of the patty. The ketchup just seemed like a really bad idea. Imagine mustard and ketchup on carrots and sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

You might think that this will make a good burger, I do not. I really like it as a side dish. It did not quell my hunger and for me, that is extremely important. I like to spend my calories wisely and two of these for 320 calories that did not take the edge off of my hunger is not something that I will repeat. I thought that I would buy them again but after discovering that they would not satisfy my hunger, I  know that I will not. I will eat the other two in the package simply because they taste good and have wholesome ingredients. Overall, while they are tasty, for me they are not a good idea. At $6.48 for four patties, they won’t break the bank but I had rather have beef.

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