Smartfood White Cheddar Cheese Flavored Popcorn Review


It’s hard to find a snack that satisfies the crunch craving any better than popcorn. This single serving package gives you just the right amount safely and deters the mindless reaching into the bowl for “just a little more.” The packaging is one of my favorite features of this product. The 5/8 ounce serving is a large volume of popcorn so it’s very satisfying.

The flavor is perfectly seasoned with just the right saltiness and cheesy goodness. The crunch is good but not as good as fresh popped popcorn. That’s always a drawback with packaged popcorn, it’s always a little soft. While this offering is still crunchy, it does have that packaged popcorn texture.

I really like this product for taste and convenience but unfortunately, at 100 calories and 7 net grams of carbohydrates and only 2 grams of protein, it doesn’t fill the main requirement that I set for my food which is that every calorie should be nutrient dense. This popcorn is almost devoid of nutrition, so it’s an item that I will not buy again. I am a power-builder and in order to be as lean as possible and as muscular as possible, my calories have to be packed with good nutrition. If your lifestyle is different, you may be able to fit this product into your food plan. It will satisfy a salty-crunchy craving with minimal calories and is so much better than an open multiple serving bag of anything that might also satisfy that craving.

As always, we encourage you to choose foods that are nutrient dense and this one just doesn’t do it. The only place that I can see for this product in my life is one of those times when I’m stuck searching for a snack in a convenience store. While this popcorn won’t build a great physique, it will get you down the road a piece with minimal damage to your program. If you find yourself in that situation, at only $.50/bag, you can certainly afford it in your financial budget. One serving on occasion won’t have a particularly negative impact on your nutritional program but empty calories are expensive by robbing your body of the dense nutrition that you need to be robust and healthy for a long, strong life. Choose wisely.

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