Healthy Choice Korean Beef Power Bowl Review


Nutritional Information

Calories 310

Protein 20 grams

Fat 8 grams

Net Carbs 31 grams

I like many Healthy Choice offerings so when I saw this Korean inspired healthy bowl, I was in! I love convenience but will not sacrifice good nutrition so this looked like a win-win.

There was plenty of beef in the dish, which is always a plus and the flavor was excellent. The texture was a little different from what I like. It was a bit dense so it slid somewhat when I bit into it, making it seem a little “squiggly”. I am accustomed to home-cooked roast beef and no frozen meal can successfully mimic that texture. I really liked the mixture of quinoa and red rice for my carbohydrate serving for that meal. The mixture of bamboo shoots, carrots, kale, baby spinich and mushrooms gave it a great variety of tastes and textures. The level of spiciness is perfect for me. It’s slightly hot but not overpowering, just enough to give it a “bite”. I liked the spicy sauce and would have appreciated a bit more in the dish. My only problem with the sauce is that there is a minuscule amount of honey and refined sugar in the recipe. In the list of ingredients honey is listed under 2% or less and sugar is the next to the last ingredient. I don’t eat sugar and somehow missed this information, probably because it’s so far down on the ingredient list. The ingredient list is huge which is a problem for me since I normally eat whole, unprocessed foods.

This entree was good enough that I was a little sad when it was gone, which is another problem with this dish for me. Since I am athletic, a strength trainer, I am accustomed to eating plenty. I never go hungry. This meal, at 9.5 ounces for the entire box just didn’t satisfy me. I can easily eat that weight in meat alone. While overall, the flavor and convenience of this product is excellent and the price, at only $3.48 is great for a meal, it seems more like a side-dish to me. People often think that I don’t eat very much because I am compact and really not a very big person but I do eat a set number of high quality calories every day and am almost always either full or about to be. I would have gladly paid more money and given up more calories for a bigger serving. If Healthy Choice removed the sugars from the product I would like it better. The Net Carbs of 31 grams is a little high, so a larger serving would mean more carbohydrates but I eat more carbs than that in a day, so I could “afford” those carbs for more satisfaction.

If you can be satisfied with this portion size, you may like this product. I won’t buy it again because of the sugars in the recipe. If there was no sugar, I might buy two and eat them both in a time crunch. At 310 calories each, I could do that but with the added sugar, I won’t. The Korean flavors are excellent but I could detect the sugar in the recipe and I don’t like that taste anymore. If Healthy Choice ever announces that they are removing all added sugars from their meals, I might try this again, but I will buy two.

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