No Cow Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bar Review

I thought I was done having to leave the house this afternoon when my better half asked me to pick up her prescriptions at the drugstore for her. Being the wonderful, loving, best husband ever, that I am, I ventured back out for her. As luck would have it, the protein and supplement aisle leads me straight to the pharmacy in the back. Like a kid browsing excitedly in the toy aisle, I get the same over nutritional supplements. I like to try protein bars to see what my future competitors are putting out to market since I have a few recipes I have perfected and plan to get to market too once I find a commercial bakery that is reasonable enough.

When I read a label and it says Chocolate Fudge Brownie, I expect the product to at least bear some semblance to a brownie. The bar looked appetizing enough before I bit into it, but the texture was nothing close to being brownie like. All I could think was it seemed as if someone had moistened some powdered whey protein enough for it to bind and then pressed it into a bar. It was dense enough to not be powdery, but not by a very large margin. However, the flavor was not bad. It was chocolaty, and had bits of almond in it. This redeemed it enough that I would eat one again to be polite if someone gave it to me, but I am not going to buy another one anytime soon. The texture might not be an issue to many of you, but I just found it to be a little weird for my palate.


Protein blend (brown rice protein, pea protein), soluble corn fiber, glycerine, cocoa nibs, palm oil, almonds, cocoa powder, natural flavors, salt, water, cocoa butter, sweetener blend ( erythritol, stevia leaf, monk fruit)

Although these protein bars have a funky texture, they are nutritionally sound enough and do not taste horrible. Word of caution though, these bars contain 15 grams of fiber and could cause the same effect as Citrucel or any other fiber supplement to help you with your bowel movements. Just something to consider…



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