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Sweet Earth POGO Review


This product caught my eye today when strolling down the freezer aisle of my grocery store. Chai, Cocoa & Pumpkin Seed Wrap sounded good, and the fact it has 13 grams of protein and 0 grams of added sugar made the purchase an easy choice for me. I am always looking for good protein bars that taste good while not being a glorified candy bar as many of them are. There is nothing about this product that resembles candy.

This product can be eaten thawed, heated in a microwave, or toasted in a toaster oven. I heated mine in the microwave, but plan to toast them in the future should I buy it again. (I probably will)

At first bite, I was a little disappointed because I was hoping for a chocolate taste being as cocoa is listed on the front of the label. I could not detect any at all, but that was not a deal killer for me. I found the texture to be somewhere between that of bread and cake. I was hoping for a little chewiness, but again, this was no where near reason enough for me to not enjoy it. I enjoyed the texture and the delicious flavor was a perfect blend of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Wheat flour is the main ingredient, but the bar did not have a wheat flavor to it at all.

If you are gluten sensitive, you need to be aware of the wheat and also the added wheat gluten.

These bars are a little higher in carbs than I would typically eat in a snack. Yet, at 4 grams of fiber per serving and 13 grams of protein, I would not mind having one in my lunch box every so often when I am out on the road in my semi.

I’m anxious to try some more of Sweet Earth’s POGO products, but have one word of caution to those who do not consume added sugar — some of them do have added sugar. As with any food that is new to you, be sure to read the nutrition and ingredient labels before making your purchase.


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