BFree Gluten Free Quinoa & Chia Wraps Review


Although we do not encourage a gluten free diet, we know that there are many people who need to avoid gluten. I have tried many gluten free wraps and this one is the best yet.

A lot of gluten free products tend to fall apart easily so a gluten free wrap can be a real problem. Just when you get it properly stuffed and ready to bite, it splits open and you lose your goodies, usually all over your lap. This wrap is firm to the tooth and will stand up to heating in the microwave oven. It is flexible and the flavor is neutral so it compliments whatever you choose to put inside it. I mixed David’s recipe for a quick dessert of peanut butter powder, Splenda and Saigon Cinnamon and spread it across the wrap and rolled it up for a quick treat. Later I filled one with boneless chicken breast cooked with tomatoes and taco seasoning in my crock pot, added cheese and sour cream and had a delightfully satisfying dinner. The sweet flavors of the peanut butter wrap were showcased just as the spicy Southwest flavors were in my dinner.

At only 110 calories and 7 grams of Net Carbs, these wraps are a real find when you’re looking for something to make a quick lunch or snack. They cost $6.99 for a package of 6 so they’re cheaper than getting a burrito at the drive-thru and you can fill them with the healthy ingredients of your choosing. While I chose the neutral flavor of Quinoa and Chia, they also come in Sweet Potato and Multi-Grain. They contain no added sugars and will fit into my food plan nicely. I will try them all and look forward to doing so. I also liked the fact that I could just buy them off the shelf at Walmart. Online shopping is good but if I am in the store I like to be able to buy what I like in real time. I thoroughly enjoyed this product.





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