Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bar Review

From Quest’s website:

No other protein bar tastes like sneaking a spoonful of cookie dough straight from the bowl – that’s why Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is one of our best-selling flavors.

I first heard about Quest brand protein bars on a prominent weight loss social media forum that I follow. Folks were excitedly raving about how good these sweet treats were for satisfying their sweet tooth while not being loaded down with sugar, yet full of healthy protein and fiber. I just had to try a few of the flavors for myself, especially when I heard how good the chocolate chip cookie dough protein bars can be when heated briefly in the microwave.

Looking at the nutritional values, these bars seemed to be quite promising, especially given all the hype I have seen in regards to them. And I have to admit, that I have always loved chocolate chip cookie dough. Hell, who doesn’t?

The bar looked quite appetizing when I opened the package. It actually did resemble cookie dough. When I took the first bite, the taste was not so bad, in fact, despite being a bit too sweet, it was indeed pleasant. The chewy texture was good too. As I took my second bite, the taste became sweeter, and then even sweeter with the remaining bites until I came to a conclusion of what I thought about these bars;

If your mother or grandmother ever makes chocolate chip cookie dough that tastes like this, then do all a favor and break their mixing bowl and spoon. Close their kitchen!

I tried to like this product. In fairness, I had a second bar which I did heat in the microwave which only served to make that sickening sweet taste even worse. That gross sweetness overpowers everything about this protein bar, it is all you can taste after a couple bites. It is almost a sweet chemical flavor that completely ruins the bars. I have sampled other flavors such as cinnamon roll, cookies and cream, and blueberry muffin. It is the same experience with each I have tried. The initial taste and texture were good upon the first bite, and then it all goes down hill with each subsequent bite. Every flavor I tried all ended up tasting the same as the other. Just a sickening, artificial chemical like taste.

Nutritionally, this product is sound enough if you do not care about the taste. Even though I thought they were nasty, you might enjoy them. It appears that many people do. I believe the worse part of the taste comes from the stevia since it can leave a bad aftertaste for some people. Not all are susceptible to the taste, but apparently, I am susceptible. I was hoping to enjoy these bars, instead I found that I cannot recommend them to anyone…

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