Power Fit Elite, Are They Kidding Us?

Maybe I can sell off my home gym equipment!

So many variables! Keep up that muscle confusion!

But, my workouts have been hard…

Do I need any more convincing this works?

Are they for real?


Does your head hurt yet?

Do you feel as if your IQ dropped significantly after seeing this information?

I first became aware of the this dumb contraption over the weekend when I noticed there was an hour long infomercial advertising it on my television. The stupid runs strong and deep with this product on many levels! The Power Fit  Elite is a new brand of vibration plate fitness equipment which claims that people will be able to lose weight with just ten minutes of use, three times a week which is far below the American Heart Association’s recommended minimum of 150 minutes of exercise per week. The claim is the vibration technology combines “unique oscillating movements and vibrations in order to target and work hard to reach areas like your butt, thighs, and belly”.

Here is the rub:

When used in conjunction with good diet and exercise, their website promises that people will see weight loss results faster than they would with traditional exercise.

If you think this contraption will work for any physical fitness benefit or weight loss, you are seriously being mislead, and quite possibly, very gullible. This is a fad/gimmick just like the old machines with the oscillating belts that shook your entire body.  There are no shortcuts to achieving a fit and trim body. If you want to lose weight and improve fitness, you must adopt a healthy diet and include physical activity in your daily routine. It is foolish to believe you can do otherwise.  This contraption is not going to help you get a bathing suit body you can be proud of, and you need to know whole body vibration can be harmful in some situations. You had better check with your doctor before using it, especially if you’re pregnant or have any health problems.

You may see similar machines appearing in your gyms. They might tell you that by performing calisthenic exercises such as squats, crunches and pushups while sitting or standing on a vibration machine, might substantially increase the weight-loss potential of your activity. But here is what you need to know:

  • Commercial gyms are in the business of making money more than they care about getting you fit. These gyms make money by selling as many contracts as they can – each extra member is pure profit as nothing more has to be provided.
  • Vigorous exercise can be tough and it can get boring. Therefore commercial gym owners have found that it works best to bring in new fangled equipment in order to keep new members coming in. Most people who sign contracts at the beginning of the year with a gym, do not remain committed to their fitness, and the gym owners know this.

There are no shortcuts to getting fit and trim, nor are there any magic potions to get you there. It takes consistent, repeated effort, day after day, year after year. The more often you do it (eat clean and exercise), the more habitual it becomes — but always, it takes effort. If you want a fit and trim body, you have to adopt the lifestyle lived by fit and trim people! Those in the know, are not doing their exercises on a damn vibrating plate.

Those vibrations are not going to negate the sweet treats and other bad foods in your diet.

Healthy eating and an exercise routine needs to become as much a part of your daily life as work, grocery shopping, or doing laundry. You must stop coming up with excuses and accept exercise as a normal, daily part of life, whether you feel like it doing it or not.

Getting fit and trim is not just about appearances, it is about being as healthy as you can be. A vibration plate is not going to get you healthy in any way. These contraptions are marketed to people who are not committed to being healthy. They are marketed to people who will not commit. The people behind the Power Fit Elite tell you that all you have to do is use it ten minutes per day for three days a week. Is thirty minutes of your time truly a commitment?

Let’s not kid anyone, we know thirty minutes is not being committed.

The Power Fit Elite is a total waste of money.

If you have money to just throw away, you can throw some my way.

Look, if you are going to buy a worthless piece of home gym equipment that will soon only serve to collect dust. Then by all means, at least get yourself something you can hang laundry from as a constant reminder that as your clothing keeps increasing in size, there is something you can do about it.

8 thoughts on “Power Fit Elite, Are They Kidding Us?

  1. Oh my goodness David, your review of this product is spot on! It immediately reminded me of the vibrating belt contraption my sister and I played on when we were young & visited our great aunt a long, long time ago!! And I can attest to the fact, that thing did nothing for her, lol..just as this thing will do nothing for who ever believes it and buys it. Well, it will do one thing… they will happily take your money, but thats as far as it will go.
    Thank you for all the reviews you are doing!

  2. It is noted that w/o proper nutrition and regular exercise the machine does not benefit that. However, are there any benefits at all with the vibration itself?

    1. Hi Gia, thanks for the comment and question. There are very few benefits that can be derived by the vibrations. It is said by some that it might help with back pain, and older adults with strength and balance. However, there are much more effective means to achieve these objectives through better exercise options including a good walk.

      You really need to be careful with these vibrating contraptions as they can cause acute and chronic injury to your musculoskeletal, circulatory and nervous systems.

  3. I went to their website for 1 reason only. 220lbs is weight limit so again, if you are over weight all you will do is crush this thing and void any warranties and have no grounds to get your money back.

    1. That is a great point Jeff. Just think of how many people have purchased this contraption who are over weight or obese who could not get their money back. Companies like this prey on those who have little to no knowledge of fitness, they do not know where to begin. Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you enjoy more of our articles at David’s Way to Health and Fitness.

    1. Hi Donna, thank you for reading and your question. I can’t, nor will I recommend Power Fit Elite for anyone. If you are thinking of buying one I would strongly recommend you clear this with your physician first. Being 60yo and bedridden, I can not give you medical advice as to if this product will do anything beneficial for your circulation.


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