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RX Bar Review



Short List

These bars are unique in that most of their ingredients are displayed right there on the front of the package. While I like the short list of ingredients, it just may be too short. All that I could taste was the dates. That makes sense if you look at the list. Other than the dates, there are egg whites and a few almonds and cashews. I did not taste the blueberry flavor. At this time, I am convinced that you can’t make dates taste like blueberries. This bar was also very bland. If you have ever had a dessert that did not have salt in the recipe, you know what I’m talking about. A sweet food has to have a little salt to be palatable. This bar has none.


Oh, God.  If you love dates, you will probably love the texture of this bar because it struck me as one big date, chewy and disgustingly sweet and slightly grainy. I was determined to completely chew and swallow this stuff so I persisted in my efforts to properly masticate this mass. Finally, I was convinced that I could swallow this mouthful of date sugar and valiantly swallowed hard. Thankfully, it went down but it left a film in my mouth that took quite a while to dissipate. Each bite eventually broke apart into small particles that resembled a mealy, fruit compote. If it weren’t for the fact that I was “taking one for the Team”, I would have spit this abomination out of my mouth.


While I will never buy another one of these bars, if you like dates, you may love them! Nutritionally, they are sound except for the 15 grams of natural date sugar in the bar. At 210 calories, they are a modest investment of calories for a sweet treat. They have no added sugars and a generous 12 grams of protein. The 4 grams of fiber is significant and combined with the protein, it may slow the absorption of the 15 grams of natural date sugar. This bar is not diabetic friendly. There’s way too much naturally occurring sugar in this product for me. There are 20 Net Grams of carbohydrates. Even if I liked them, that’s too carb heavy for my liking.


While I bought this bar at a small, local pharmacy and paid more for it, you can purchase them at Walmart for only $1.24 each. Even at that price, for me, they are no bargain. They gave me flashbacks to my Mother’s Date Bars and believe me, while my Mother was a wonderful cook, her date bars still tasted like date bars. The question may arise, “If  you don’t like dates, then why did you even try this bar?” Well, it was supposed to taste like blueberries and I do like blueberries. Unfortunately, that was not the case. We’re always looking for promising new treats that may make your healthy journey a little easier. The convenience of a nutritionally sound convenience food that you can carry along in your pocket of purse is always attractive. Due to the date consistency, this bar will probably travel well. The question is, will you want to carry it with you? Personally, I will leave it on the shelf.

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