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Pleasant Surprise!

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my protein and I usually get it from beef, pork, chicken or fish. I am not a huge fan of plant-based protein sources. I bought a few products weeks ago to review for David’s Way and they have been setting in my freezer. I was not really looking forward to trying them. Boy, was I surprised when I bit into this burger! Since I browned it nicely in olive oil, it had a firm, slightly crunchy bite. The inside of the patty did have the texture that is usually associated with plant-based burgers, but the firmness of the surface gave me something to chew so the soft inside was still quite palatable. I added “No Sugar Added” Heinz ketchup and French’s yellow mustard, and it was very good.


Easy Prep!

 I poured a bit of olive oil into a cast iron skillet and browned them for about 15-20 minutes. They smell good cooking and they brown easily, so cook them on low-medium heat until they are nice and brown. I cooked them from frozen and they cooked up just fine.

You can see the texture here. It’s not like a ground beef patty, but it’s good. The color is reminescent of an undercooked beef patty and you have to get past the feeling of eating an undercooked burger, but you can measure the internal temperature and be sure that it’s done. It’s made from pea protein and tastes quite hearty.


This good-sized burger, that shrinks very little during cooking, is 1/4 pound before cooking, 270 calories, 17 grams of fat, Net Carbs 8 grams and and a whopping 20 grams of protein! There is no added sugar. With this nutrition profile and robust flavor, I will buy these burgers again. I must say, this is a first for plant-based meat substitutes. I have never liked one enough to buy it again.

$Price$ and Availability

I bought these at Walmart for $5.94 for two patties. I shop at one of the smallest Walmart’s that I have ever seen so I believe that you can fiind them in your home town. The price is lower than what some people pay for one burger in a restaurant. I consider them a bargain. Even my 26 year old son really liked these burgers. That’s a deal, when you can get a $3.00 meal that the whole family likes! Lightlife, you have a winner.


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