Meigan Loses 50 Pounds!


Conversation With A Winner!

Meigan is, first of all, a friend. She is also a Supervisor, Med Tech and Care Giver in the facility where we work. She works a lot of hours and has to plan for success. She has been following David’s Way for about 7 months and has lost 50 pounds! I asked her if we could do a story on her when I quit recognizing her in the long halls where we work. Had it not been for that mane of hers, I wouldn’t have known who she was one night. Her profile in her uniform is quite different from what it was 7 months ago. I asked her a few questions concerning her weight loss.


Me: What is your motivation to lose weight?

Meigan: My health is my main concern with losing weight. I have history in my family with bad health and I’d like to do my part and try and change that for myself.

Me: What has been your greatest challenge?

Meigan: Sticking to the program…I fall a lot of times by slipping up and eating too much of foods that aren’t bad for me, but I always catch myself and aim to do better.

Me: What is the difference in how you feel physically and/or otherwise?

Meigan: Physically, I feel like it’s easier to do certain tasks that were harder for me before, such as going on walks. I was always so tired and short of breath, but now I feel like it’s a lot easier and mentally I feel happier.

Me: How have your daily habits changed, meal prepping, shopping and such?

Meigan: When I go shopping, I find myself always looking at the nutritional labels and ingredients and if it doesn’t meet what I need then I don’t buy it. I buy much healthier alternatives now and normally just meal prep my dinners the night before, using portion trays. I always include snacks during my day so I don’t get hungry and I meet my calorie goal.

Me: Why do you think you are having success?

Meigan: I’ve tried to lose weight many times in past years and never succeeded because of my lack of willpower and not wanting to commit. This time around I’m doing it for me and I know¬† I want to do it and I’ve stuck to it, no matter how many times I fall. I’ve got a great system in my family and friends, including Brenda and David.

Me: So, you have confidence that you will achieve your ultimate goals?

Meigan: Of course! Over time I believe I will get to where I want. I’ve just got to keep setting small goals and pushing myself.

Me: What are some of your goals that you would like to share with our readers?

Meigan: Well, since I’ve lost 50 pounds, I’d like to lose another 50! Also, I want to become more active and exercise a lot more. My main goal is just to be a healthier person and be proud of myself.

Me: Be proud now. I’m proud of you.

David and I have both been overweight and we know how hard it is to commit and work hard to lose weight. Meigan is a strong young woman and I know that she will achieve her ultimate goals. We will update you on her progress from time to time, with her permission.






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