Everybody Needs a Shake Weight!

The Shake Weight is a light weight dumbbell in which the weights on either end are attached to the handle by a spring. It is marketed by a company called Fitness IQ, and can be purchased online, in some retail stores, and from television infomercials.

As one who has dedicated my life to being physically fit, I have come to believe there should be a Shake Weight in every home since it is such a useful and valuable tool for the money spent!

You Can’t Beat The Price!

Is $17.89 too much for becoming physically fit with such a versatile piece of home gym equipment? C’mon, I know you all can’t be too broke or cheap for this one!

What Shake Weight Promises!

Shake Weight Exercise Weight 2-1/2 Lb Boxed is available in white. Keep your entire upper body toned with the famous weight. Its patented design uses kinetic force and tension to tone the arms for a sleek and sexy look. Shake your way to firm and fabulous arms and shoulders in just six minutes a day with the shake exercise weight. It’s fun and easy to use. You can use it at home while watching TV or in the office. Users see dramatic results in just six minutes a day. This set includes a DVD with a step-by-step routine and three simple exercises. A women’s exercise weight that works for all fitness levels, it has a unique design that uses revolutionary patent pending Dynamic Inertia technology. It’s scientifically proven to generate dramatic increase in EMG muscle activity compared to dumbbells. The Shake Weight Exercise Weight 2-1/2 lb boxed is suitable for women of all ages.

Why, oh why do I spend the time with my Olympic weight set when I can easier use the Shake Weight for a few minutes per day from the comfort of my living room?

After years of weight training,I feel so foolish now…

Use with one or both hands

Recommended to use daily for best results

Get in better shape in just minutes a day

Product dimensions: 12.2″ x 3.3″ x 3.3″

Includes DVD with instructions on use

Patented technology shown to engage muscle groups

Easy and fun to use exercise equipment

Shake exercise weight is a good gift option for the fitness enthusiast in your life

Feel it working and see results in just a week

How the Shake Weight allegedly works:

According to the Shake Weight advertisements, it works by what they refer to as “dynamic inertia”. whatever the hell that means. The weight bounces off the ends of the handle by the spring as the gullible user shakes it back and forth, or up and down. The dummy user performs this shaking motion in various positions to target the major muscles of the upper body, such as those in the chest, shoulders, and arms. I can feel the pump right now!

The movement of the device is generated by the user and is not battery powered. Basically, it moves only when you shake it.

Getting real about this piece of junk as a weight training or fitness tool:

It is a universal truth that in order for a muscle to be fully stimulated, resistance must be applied through a full range of motion.

The Shake Weight does not deliver this and will not result in the same muscular activity as traditional dumbbell exercise, despite what the company claims.

Another couple problems with this piece of junk is you cannot add additional weight to the device and it offers very limited exercises.

A muscle improves when it is continually challenged with increased resistance and targeted with a variety of exercises. Therefore, very little (if any) results should be expected with the Shake Weight.

The company claims that the Shake Weight for women will result in lean muscle, which implies fat loss, while it claims that men will experience an increase in muscle mass.

No matter if you are male or female, if you are looking to “tone” or build lean muscle, your diet has to be spot on with your caloric intake and macronutrient needs!

This is true no matter your level of fitness or body type!

The Shake Weight workout program is only 6 minutes in duration and is not enough exercise for anyone to actually burn a significant amount of fat.

Nor is there enough weight to increase muscle mass on anyone! Good lord, it takes more than 6 minutes for a newbie to fitness to even get warmed up. Additionally, it takes at least 20 minutes of exercise in the heart rate zone for fat burning before you even begin burning your body fat.

The gimmicky words “Dynamic Inertia” concept may sound unique and complex, but it is neither. “Dynamic” and “inertia” are two terms used to describe movement. Based on this concept, all forms of resistance training involve dynamic inertia.

The simple truth is, you will get a greater range of movement through traditional weight training. You need to understand before using this piece of junk, the shaking motion of the device is not a natural movement and may cause muscle spasms that could lead to injury.

The Shake Weight is not entirely useless!

You might turn it on end and use it as a doorstop, much like the picture below.

The Shake Weight could be a perfect kitchen mallet for tenderizing meat!

It could be used as a handy dandy, makeshift anchor for your kayak.

And of course, we can use a Shake weight as a paper weight!




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