GOLO’s “Release” Dietary Supplement Review

Are any of you reading this gullible enough to believe these types of weight loss supplements actually perform any miracles for the overweight?



But, look at what they tell you on their homepage!

Seriously now, they tell us that in the last 10 years, dieters have spent over $600 billion on diets and diet products without actually helping the obese. In fact, the obesity problem has become worse over the years, and now they want you to believe that out of all the products available to you with or without a prescription from your doctor, theirs is the magic bullet that will actually do you good.

Can I sell you a bridge?

If you are going to throw your money away on worthless products, throw a little of that disposable capital my way too. At least I kick it to you real, and give you a truly foolproof way to lose and manage your weight.

And I do this for you for free of charge!

Do not be fooled because they put out a little bit of truth in their deceptive marketing scheme. Scammers have always used this tactic since the beginning of time.

Again, they give you some truth to build upon their credibility. 

The key words above are “unbalanced diet.”

A well balanced diet will mitigate the need for any type of pill in your future if you are prediabetic. If you are diabetic already, you had better be talking to your physician about any type of supplements and or medications that are right for your personal health needs!

All this above from the GOLO website is true, but we can help you to achieve these same results through our totally free plan at David’s Way to Health and Fitness. Our methodology will get you to a healthier and leaner body without selling you expensive and worthless pills, and we will never charge you a single cent to access our plan or our almost 1000 nutrition, health and fitness articles along with our numerous healthy recipes. Your health and level of physical fitness all stems from healthy dietary habits combined with exercise. We approach weight loss and good health from a full body, holistic approach that is proven to bring you excellent results. All that is required from you, is a commitment to yourself. A commitment to live the best life that you can in a healthy and fit body.

These people are misleading their customer base.

Now, let’s further explore and breakdown the deception that is mixed in with some actual truths.

“eliminating starvation dieting”

Anyone who has studied nutrition, weight loss and health in order to help people lose weight know, or damn well should know, that a good majority of people setting out to lose weight are already dreading their new “starvation diet”. This is why most just want to quickly lose their weight and get it over with. The key to losing and managing your body fat levels are through a healthy diet that consists of nutritious foods that are devoid of empty calories. By eating nutritious foods that provide you all of your nutrients, you will never feel like you are starving since your body is receiving all of its nutritional needs.

“Now you can reach your goals and enjoy food without guilt or fearing weight gain. You simply take 1 Release with your meals and eat balanced meals and eliminate diet foods”

Read that again and think about what they are telling you!

The implication is if you take 1 Release with your meal, it is going to help you. However, the actual benefit is going to come from eating a well balanced meal while eliminating the diet crap from your dietary habits This reminds me of the Alli weight loss pill where you could suffer oily anal discharge and explosive diarrhea by taking their pills with your meals. The key was to eat healthy foods in order to see positive results while not dirtying your britches.

” You will lose real weight without conventional dieting”

No matter the modifying word, or adjective they might use before the word “diet”, these folks who have spent millions of dollars marketing this product know that people do not want to diet, and they will assume they can just eat as normal while taking their pill, and somehow they will lose weight.

” Your metabolism gets faster and is able to convert food into energy quickly”

I have written pretty extensively about our metabolisms. The simple truth is, if you want to increase your metabolism, besides losing body fat you also have to retain your lean muscle mass. Actually, you really need to work at building your lean muscle mass as you lose body fat. The higher percentage of lean muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be. This is fact, no matter whether you are male or female. You might want to check out my article “Feeling Weak, It’s Your Diet” where I delve into this subject.

I believe this product to be about as safe as it is worthless for those who want to lose weight. You are better off to adopt healthy nutritional habits over believing that any over the counter magic pill will actually do you any good.

Please, do yourself a favor, you can get the same if not better results simply through adopting healthy nutritional habits such as what we promote here at David’s Way to Health and Fitness. These people are going to take your money, that is a guaranteed result. For the money they want to extract from your pocket, there are tons of healthy food choices you could actually buy instead of their magic pills that are going to accomplish nothing more for you than any other over the counter pill you can buy.

“Testimonial results were obtained over a period of three months to two years and may not be typical and your results may be more or be less than the averages stated on this website”

“includes the GOLO Diet along with behavior and lifestyle recommendations including a recommendation for moderate exercise.”

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