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Fitness Newbies Check Your Knowledge

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1- There is no such thing as an underactive metabolism?

True____ False____

False. But even if you have a slow metabolic rate exercise will promote weight loss.

2 – Exercise is not of much use for dieters because it burns relatively few calories?

True ____ False____

False. The cumulative effect of exercise can increase caloric expenditure by several hundred calories per day.

3 – Exercise can prevent the body from losing muscle?

True ____ False ____

True. Exercise maximizes the loss of fat and can help prevent the loss of muscle. In fact, exercise can build muscle tissue.

4 – Walking one miles burns  nearly the same calories as running one mile?

True ____ False ____

True. How far you go is actually more important than how fast you go.

5 – Expensive exercise suits are worth the money because the special materials help the body?

True ____ False ____

False. Rubberized sweat suits and other gimmicks do not provide any benefit and may cause you to overheat. Wear comfortable clothing when you exercise.

6 – Climbing stairs requires more energy per minute than traditional exercises such as jogging and swimming?

True ____ False ____

True. You can accumulate significant caloric expenditure over the course of the day if you use the stairs.

7 – Your resting pulse rate will increase as you lose weight and get into better condition?

True ____ False ____

False. Your resting pulse rate will decline as you become more physically fit. This is a sign that your heart is getting stronger and can pump more blood with each beat.

8 – To get a cardiovascular training effect, an exerciser must achieve the right combination of frequency, intensity, and duration of activity?

True ____ False ____

True.  However you should not worry about achieving a specific dose of exercise. Focus on increasing your activity level.

9 – No exercise can help you lose fat in specific body parts?

True ____ False____

True. Increasing caloric expenditure can help reduce fat in general, but you cannot control the areas where the fat will be lost.

10 – Jogging and cycling are good forms of exercise for people who are trying to lose weight?

True ____ False ____

True. Both burn a lot of calories quickly, improve overall fitness and make you feel better.

11 – Using stairs is a convenient and accessible way for many people to increase activity?

True ____ False ____

True. Most people have access to stairs, so it is easy to climb several flights per day.

12 – American adults are more active than they were 200 years ago?

True ____ False ____

False. Motorized transportation and countless labor saving devices have greatly reduced physical activity on the job and in leisure time.

13 – You should not exercise if you feel hungry because exercise will increase your appetite?

True ____ False ____

False. If anything, exercise will temporarily blunt your appetite, although in the long run, more exercise will require more calories. However, if you eat a healthy diet, exercise will help regulate your caloric intake at appropriate levels.

14 – When you go on a diet, your body loses fat but not muscle tissue?

True ____ False ____

False. Caloric restriction causes significant loss of muscle tissue. Weight loss by exercise, or a combination of exercise and diet tends to come mainly from fat stores.

15 – Small, incremental and consistent exercise can provide great benefits for the dieter?

True ____ False ____

True. Strive to accumulate several activities during the course of each day.

Before beginning any new diet or exercise program, please, always get clearance from your doctor first.


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