It’s a New Day!


I originally wrote this on Halloween to encourage people who may have indulged in Halloween candy. This also applies to every holiday and special event that you celebrate. It also applies to an ordinary day where you just lost control. The premise being that the sun actually will come up the “morning after”. Winning the war against obesity is a lifetime commitment. Always remember that getting , and staying, healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet. When you have a healthy lifestyle you always have a way to get back on track. A healthy lifestyle is your normal, so when you deviate from normal, all you have to do to get back on track is practice what you know. Fall into the rhythm of the healthy habits that give you the results that you want, and need, to live your best life. Don’t wallow in your transgressions, just learn from them and get up and go again. Do remember the bad feeling that you had when you ate the junk though, and ask yourself when the temptation strikes again if you want to feel like that, or do you want to feel energetic and confident. The choice is yours alone. Now put some Dawn dishwashing liquid on the rest of that Halloween candy, or whatever you have binged on at this point in time, and THEN throw it in the trash. Odds are you won’t eat any more…  😉

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