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Bathroom Scale Self Sabotage



Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

When one is over weight or obese and begins trying to lose weight, the bathroom scale can be either your best friend as a useful tool, or your worst enemy that only serves to screw with your mind and sabotages your efforts.

How is it your best friend?

Well, obviously your scale when used right and consistently will be one of your best measures of successful weight loss. By watching those weekly numbers on the display decrease in value, your motivation to keep up with you weight loss efforts will remain high. If you are paying for a weight loss program, it lets you know your hard earned cash is being well spent. Stepping onto our bathroom scales gives us a measure of how far we have come and how far we still might have to go in reaching our weight loss objectives. When that dial finally reaches that magical number we are working so hard to achieve we gain a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Kind of like when you are a kid and you get a gold star on your final exam paper. It feels damn good to achieve success.

How is your bathroom scale your worst enemy?

Actually, it’s not your worst enemy. It is simply a tool for you to use either correctly or incorrectly.

You can be your own worst enemy, you cannot blame your frustrations with your weight loss efforts on a mechanical object. A lot of people who are trying to lose weight, will absolutely drive themselves crazy because they do not understand how they should use their bathroom scale. If this is you, the mental anguish is entirely of your own making when that number on the dial is modulating between gains and losses. Here are a few things to consider about weighing yourself:

Consistency is key! If you want your weight measurements to have any significant meaning, then you must be consistent in when and how you weigh yourself.

I hope this helps some of you. And remember this, how your mind deals with weight gain or loss can be similar to how a computer reacts to programming. Bullshit going in means bullshit going out. Cut yourself some slack and only get upset when the long term trend shows you are not losing weight. And then do not bother getting upset, this is when you need to adjust your methods in achieving your goals. A 140 pound body trying to reach 130 pounds does not have the same needs as a 200 pound body attempting to reach 130, even if at 140 you started at 200. As your weight comes down, so does your daily caloric needs based on your basal metabolic rate. The less you weigh, the fewer calories your body requires. Many people do not understand or know this and try to continue consuming the same amount of daily calories as they were when they first began their weight loss journey, which is why their weight loss often stalls out.

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