Why Can’t I Sleep?


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At David ‘s Way we teach that there are three components that lay a foundation for good health. They are nutrition, activity and rest. You should read David’s article Fitness Triad for some good information concerning the details. America is known as the most sleep deprived nation on earth. Almost half of all Americans don’t get enough sleep. There are some common reasons for insomnia that can be remedied.

1-You check your phone before bed. Social media and email can be stressful and then you struggle to fall asleep. Another problem is that the light from your phone triggers your brain to believe that it’s daylight and time to wake up. Forego that last minute media check and turn in a few minutes earlier.

2- You have an irregular schedule and go to bed at different times throughout the week. This confuses your circadian rhythms and your brain doesn’t know when to shut down. Try to keep your sleep times as regular as possible, varying no more than 30-45 minutes if possible.

3-You drink caffeine too late in the day. Caffeine tricks your brain into thinking that it’s time to be awake. Try having your last serving at least 5 hours before bedtime.

4-You wind down with alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol interferes with sleep. You may nod off easily but you will not stay asleep. Stick to one drink per day if you drink and make sure that it’s at least 2 hours before you want to sleep. Better yet, forego alcohol altogether.

5- Your bed is uncomfortable from a bad mattress or a pet in the bed or a partner who steals the covers or takes up too much room. Get a good mattress, put the pet out of the bed and buy a bigger bed if your partner is a bed hog.

6-Your bedroom is too warm or bright. A cool room triggers you to sleep and if the room is too warm, your body will not cool down like it needs to for sleep. If there is too much light, you won’t produce the melatonin needed to fall into a peaceful slumber. Keep your room at 68 degrees and use light blocking shades and sleep masks.

7-Stress keeps you awake. Get a relaxing pre-bed ritual that calms you down such as a relaxing hot shower or some form of mindfulness practice.

8-Your partner snores. Encourage your partner to see a sleep specialist. Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea and can be detrimental to his/her health. Do both of you a favor and get this fixed.

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