Elite Sports Born Tough Women’s Fitness Wear



New Discovery!

Here at David’s Way we are always looking for products to encourage ourselves and you, our readers, along the road to ultimate health and fitness. We have recently become aware of  Elite Sports Born Tough line of workout clothes for women. I have found very few brands of workout clothes that I feel my best in when I’m under the iron. The Born Tough brand is designed for all athletes, regardless of your workout. If you’re just starting on your road to fitness, they have designed their apparel with you in mind as well.

First Glance

While I have not worn these clothes yet, I will in the near future and I will report my findings in an unbiased, honest review. I do notice some things even now that I like. The price is great! Let’s face it, regardless of how much you like something, if it’s priced so high that it’s a sacrifice to buy, then it automatically loses some of it’s appeal. This High Altitude Sheer Tank Top is only $24.99. I like the way that it fits in the back yet drapes softly over the upper abdomen, all the while keeping a trim silhouette.

Bottoms Up!

I like the structure of these Contoured Tracksuit Bottoms. Note the inset panel at the top of the waistband. I have some workout pants now that has that feature and it makes for a nice trim line there at your waist. They have a deep pocket on the hip that appears deep enough for your phone. I believe it curves over the largest part of the quadriceps which would keep your phone from falling out. The structured line underneath the glutes will most likely give you a little lift and a feminine curve in silhouette. Overall I really like the sleek fit, it’s exactly what I need under the iron or walking my dog. Sleek pants move with me with no distraction.

Form and Function

This is the Contoured Tracksuit Hoodie. The beautiful sleek lines coupled with the ample sleeve for ease of movement and those warm front pockets are just the bomb. I just might have to give this a trial run!

As soon as I get my pieces of these promising workout clothes, I will put them to the test in a hard workout  and report my findings. You just might think that I look my best yet!



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