Fast Weight Loss

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Fast weight loss, it seems, is the desire of most everyone who has ever gone on a diet. After years of being overweight, many individuals have become so tired of their girth, they want it gone right now. Life becomes burdensome when you have become too large to fully enjoy it anymore. Obesity brings us many physical and mental health problems, it would be nice to be able to reverse it overnight. But it would also be nice to wake up fabulously wealthy one day too, right? But we know that isn’t going to happen for any of us unless we happen to win the lottery.

Hurry up and weight!

Hurry up and wait is something that we who have served in the military grow accustomed to. We always hurry to complete a task, and then await further instruction. I saw a weight loss meme this morning that made me think of that old adage. People want to hurry up their weight loss, but then what?

What are you going to do once you have reached your weight loss goals?

Have you thought this through?

Are you prepared for the rest of your life now?

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Being a retired military veteran, I often think out of the box compared to those who have never served. Not that this makes me special, it’s just thinking in terms of my personal life experiences. When I think of military training, I see an analogy between some training and weight loss. But not in the sense you might be thinking. I’m not thinking about our physical fitness training. What weight loss reminds me of is the more specialized training where we become prepared to face more training, or to face the world beyond. No matter the service component, those who want to be Special Forces undergo training for close to a year, before they can actually begin training for qualifications in their chosen field.

That year of training is similar to losing weight. It prepares you for life afterwards, or at least it is supposed to. If you rush through your training and do not grasp what you were supposed to learn, then you are doomed to failure afterwards. Fast weight loss is the same.

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Fast weight loss is not good for many reasons.

If the amount of weight you want to lose is significant enough, you will not even be able to fully grasp your new look. And, it is not going to be helpful when people begin asking you if you have been sick or something. Fast weight loss can leave your face looking gaunt which will cause people to assume something must be wrong with you. Is that going to help you?

Unless you are morbidly obese, we do not ever recommend that you try to lose more than one pound of body fat per week. Two pounds loss per week is the maximum we will ever advocate. Anything more than that, and you need to be under medical supervision. Note, this does not apply to the first ten pounds since it is almost exclusively nothing more than water weight you have lost.

Fast weight loss usually comes from fad diets, drugs, or other gimmicks that are not sustainable over time. If you care more about your health than looks, you really need to lose your weight in a healthy manner. When you are only concerned about losing quickly to appease your vanity, you should know that  looking sickly is not a good look.

When you do not rush your weight loss, you will be healthier and you will feel better about yourself. Slow weight loss through healthy nutrition is something you can sustain for the rest of your life. With fad diets, drugs or gimmicks, you will soon regain those lost pounds and then some. Fast weight loss is a losing battle as proven by millions before you. And will be proven again and again by millions after you.

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Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

Making your weight loss permanent.

As in the military training I mentioned, your weight loss journey needs to be preparing you for the rest of your life. When you begin losing weight, you need to be learning all about nutrition and fitness. You will eventually reach your goal weight, and will need to be ready for maintaining that weight for the rest of your life. You can’t just rush your weight loss and return to your former lifestyle without regaining your lost weight. There is a ninety five percent rebound rate for people who do this. Our mission here at David’s Way is to help educate you!

If you are genetically prone to being overweight, you will need to create a nutritional lifestyle that enables you to keep your weight at a healthy level. People who lose weight and return to their former way of eating will always regain their weight. It becomes a vicious cycle for many.

Fast weight loss is never good, nor permanent.

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