Two Good Greek Yogurt Review

“Two” Good to Be True?!?

I have eaten Greek yogurt for many years. At one time, I ate the non-fat variety because I thought that was the best thing that I could do to manage my weight. A popular weight loss group advocated eating fat-free and told their members that they didn’t even have to count those calories. It must have been the ideal, right?

New Two Good Item

Soon after coming to David’s Way to Health and Fitness, David tried the full fat version of Greek yogurt and liked it much better. After giving it a try, I abandoned the fat free stuff for the full flavor profile of full fat yogurt. The watery sour taste that’s associated with yogurt was not a part of the flavor of the whole milk variety. Whatever flavors that you add to the full fat yogurt are all you taste. I was leery of even trying a low fat yogurt, but this is the first flavored Greek yogurt with NO ADDED SUGAR that I have ever seen so I just had to give it a try.

Not All Two Goods are Equal

The Two Good vanilla flavor definitely had the watery tart flavor that I was trying to avoid. The texture was creamy but the taste of sour milk was obvious. While vanilla is not my favorite, I thought that the vanilla would showcase the real quality of this yogurt and it did.

The Two Good strawberry was a different story. It had a sweet, creamy strawberry flavor that hid the tartness pretty well. The texture seemed creamier and it even seemed a bit thicker. At only 80 calories, 3 grams of carbs and a whopping 12 grams of protein, it’s a nutrition bargain.

While I will not abandon my whole milk yogurt for this product, I can see how some people might do that to save calories. Compared to a good whole milk product that I add in my favorite berries and other flavors, it pales in comparison, but I give Two Good yogurt a commendation for making a good, flavored, Greek yogurt with NO ADDED SUGAR! Give it a try, you just might really like it!

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