Sugar Is Not a Food Group

white and brown sugars

Sugar is not a food group! It is simply an ingredient used in a lot of foods.

Why am I stating the obvious? I am stating this because there have been people who got confused about giving up entire foods when I have advised them to only give up sugar.

My friends, many people believe they need to give up certain food groups when they are trying to lose weight. I am here to tell you, this is absolutely not necessary. When I tell people giving up foods is not necessary, they often respond with “but I have to give up sugar”. Again, sugar is not a food group, it is simply an ingredient that needs to be cut out of our diets. Sugar needs to be cut out from our diet simply because of it’s adverse effects on our health when we eat too much of it. It causes inflammation in our bodies which is the precursor to many preventable illnesses, such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

Sugar is an addictive substance!

You might want to argue that sugar is not an addictive substance. But you could not be more wrong. If you have a weight problem and believe sugar is not addictive, then ask yourself why you can’t give it up. Why do you turn to sugary foods every time that you become derailed in your weight loss efforts? If I told you to give up green beans, you might think that suggestion was absurd. But, you wouldn’t have a problem with not eating them any more, would you? You would not have a problem quitting green beans simply because they don’t contain that white crystalline substance we call sugar.

Face it, you never crave green beans. And even if you did crave them, green beans are not going to make you fat or cause you health problems. You crave sugar because you are addicted to it, and the pleasure you receive when it causes the release of endorphins. Green beans do not cause that release of feel good brain chemicals, do they?

Sugar is not a food group!

The bottom line is, while we advise people to give up sugar, we do not believe it’s necessary to give up foods that we enjoy. With the alternative sweeteners on the market now, you can still enjoy baked goods and other foods where you traditionally have used sugar. We have recipes here on the website for cookies, cakes, brownies and other sweet treats that do not contain sugar, nor other simple carbs that we so often crave. You can still enjoy foods you love, even sugar free ice creams are pretty tasty now days.

Follow this link for delicious Sugar Free No-bake Oatmeal Cookies

Or follow to this link for Sugar Free Cheesecake!

At David’s Way to Health and Fitness, we love to eat as much as you do. And, if you are struggling with your weight, there is a plethora of healthy recipes here on this website. Always remember, Sugar is not a food group, it is just an unnecessary ingredient that adds tons of empty calories to the foods you love.

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