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DASH Ice Cream Maker Review


I grew up in the Deep South where home made ice cream is a tradition. In my younger days, I could blame it for many pounds on my frame. When my son was little, about 20 years ago, I had not one, but TWO, ice cream freezers and was very proud to say that I had them. I developed a habit of making 2 quarts of vanilla almost every week. Since the ice cream was never as good if you froze it in the fridge for later, I ate my share when it was first made. The DASH My Pint Ice Cream Maker remedies that problem by making small servings. You never add more than 1 cup of ice cream mix to the freezer at one time. The maximum output is 1.6 cups. While that is more than the standard 1/2 cup serving, it’s a far cry from 2 QUARTS! There’s 8 cups in 2 quarts.

Chocolate Ice Cream Made In DASH

More than likely, if you are an ice cream lover, you know the ritual of eating right out of the carton. You scrape a spoonful of cold, creamy deliciousness away from the edges because that’s where it’s soft. The problem is, as soon as you make that round one time, another layer has thawed just enough to be yummy! So…you go around again, and again until a whole lot of ice cream is missing out of that carton. Having a full carton of ice cream can be a disaster. With the DASH My Pint Ice Cream Maker, you can have ice cream in minutes but don’t have to have that treacherous carton setting in your freezer all the time.

Whether you like home made ice cream and just don’t want a full 2 quart freezer, or you are trying to avoid a carton in your fridge, this little gadget settles both problems. You can still have ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt whenever you like and easily control the ingredients and the amount that you eat. The best thing about this machine is that it allows you to have “No Sugar Added” frozen treats anytime that you like!

Orange Dreamsicle Greek Frozen Yogurt

DASH comes with a recipe book. Use it. I tried to get creative and nothing that I tried worked as good as their recipes. MAKE SURE to chill your recipe in the freezer about 30 minutes before you put it in the ice cream maker. In the booklet, it also tells you that you can use the spoon that comes with it to just freeze your ice cream by stirring. I didn’t think much of that idea but discovered that it just may be the best way to use the frozen core of the machine. The liquid ice cream recipe begins to freeze on contact with the frozen core and it’s hard to get the paddles into the container. When I made the frozen yogurt pictured above, I didn’t use the paddles at all and there was still frozen yogurt in the bottom, frozen so hard that I could not get it out 20 minutes later. It was just a small amount so it didn’t diminish the serving size hardly at all.

Whatever you do, stay with the freezer if you are using the paddles. I walked away for a moment and the ice cream froze so hard and fast that the paddles stopped and the unit started spinning around, wrapping the cord around the unit. If I had not found it quickly, it may have spilled everywhere.

You will notice that the recipe for ice cream calls for heavy whipping cream and some milk. Follow the recipe. The heavy cream makes a velvety ice cream that’s sure to please but milk alone makes an icy disaster. While the ice cream is delicious, it’s too high in calories to be a practical addition to my nutrition program. It still beats eating a whole carton of ice cream but I don’t think I will make that too often!

The frozen yogurt fits into my program perfectly. I just take the flavored Plain Greek Yogurt that I normally eat, put it in the core and stir. Perfection! I use Tang water enhancer to make the orange. You can use any flavor you like. Water enhancers come in a huge variety of flavors and it works well in Plain Greek Yogurt, frozen or not.

I bought this one on Amazon for $20. You can buy them from the manufacturer for about $25. I am pleased with my purchase and would buy it again. It’s frozen yogurt on demand in the perfect serving. Dig in!



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