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I was listening to some great music on You Tube today when all of a sudden, an ad telling us that the only thing that’s keeping us fat is the WAY we poop. I’m serious. Since my head all but exploded, and it was necessary to click on some mysterious link that didn’t readily appear, to reveal this fantastic secret, I’m not sure what this magic trick is supposed to be. What I do know is regardless of HOW we poop, it’s not going to magically dissipate excess calories. The insulting assumption that people, usually women, are this stupid is infuriating! By the time your food turns into poop, the damage has been done. What kind of idiots do these shysters think we are?

To add insult to injury, the “spokesperson” was so young, I’m not even sure that it was legal for her to show her tummy. She could barely read her lines, stumbling over the “secret” that had “changed her body”. No poop technique changed her body. I don’t think she’s mature enough to understand the big word, but it was puberty that changed her body, and it wasn’t that long ago. This barely more than a child has never been overweight, much less had a belly bulge. I know that paying people to expose their body is legal, at a certain age, but fraud is not. The deceptive nature of this ad is appalling.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to why I’m writing this article. I am sickened by the false images that are being piped into our minds. There are not that many perfect bodies in the universe much less on one planet. Agreeably, you can take a lean, fine-boned male body, modify it with rib removals to create a waistline and breast implants, and after adjusting hormones, produce a beautiful piece of art. I know of at least two social media models who have successfully done this. They are truly beautiful. The problem is, women with female chromosomes can NEVER look like that. We will always struggle with the issues that make us uniquely female. The result is that all too many women give up on improving the appearance of their bodies because they don’t realize that the finely tuned body they are looking at is very different from theirs. This is one of the causes of the backlash known as the self-lovely movement, or the “My give-a-damn is completely broken.” movement. When some women see these absurd representations of what a “female” body is supposed to be, they rebel in style and go as far the other way as possible. The result is obesity and yes, ill health. If obesity doesn’t make you sick immediately, take my word for it, sooner or later, it most likely will.

Men are also affected by the exaggerated images in the media. The male “Trainers” and models on social media are so sinewy and dehydrated they look like lizards. Little boys growing up see these exaggerated examples of what being a “man” looks like and when the reality of what their bodies transforms into naturally occurs, they consider themselves losers.

As much as we want to encourage you to be at a healthy body fat percentage and be the best that you can be, these exaggerated, false, chemically altered bodies are NOT the images that we promote.  These artificially enhanced and manipulated pictures do no good except to pad the pocket of those who produce them. Millions of deaths are a direct result of this type of money grubbing, manipulative media. At a time when good health is more important than ever, this is a true travesty. The very idea that people capitalize on the very insecurities that they invoke on an unsuspecting public infuriates me. We spend endless hours promoting the natural path to good health that usually results in a great physique and overall attractiveness. It’s easy for an average person to confuse our message with the lies of the media when we all use the term, “Health and Fitness”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We bear no similarity to these shysters.

In the case of the gadgets designed to get you fit and fabulous quickly, don’t believe that. There is no quick path to fitness. Fitness is the result of endless hours of work based on good science and deep thought. Our bodies do not make positive changes rapidly. You may have heard the term, “Body Recomp”. The idea behind this phrase is that we can turn fat into muscle. While that is not possible, the effect of losing body fat and building muscle does appear that way. This is a painstaking process that David refers to as “threading the needle”, which is a great description of the tedious process of creating a strong, healthy body. This process does not happen overnight. You work for it, and no method of pooping or legal drug will accelerate the process.

Since creating better health and a great physique takes time, you don’t have to worry about getting too muscular, ladies. You’re not going to go to bed looking like a girl and wake up looking like the Incredible Hulk. Building muscle is tough! I have been lifting seriously on programs that are anything except easy and I have managed to build enough muscle that I have some noticeable definition. I do NOT have bulging biceps and still look very feminine. I have curves and intend to keep them. While it took me awhile to accept the fact that so many of those images in the media are false, I have come to terms with my goals and while I will always seek to improve my physique, I will always look like a woman. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t know how the world came to this unhealthy obsession with bodies that are produced in a way that kills. If you peruse some social media apps you will see freaks that are presented as the ideal. Don’t fall for it. In 1936, the great Jack LaLanne began teaching the benefits of good nutrition and proper exercise. Many people thought he was crazy. He went on to have a huge career in the health and fitness industry and change the way that people see their bodies. In 85 years that message has been adulterated into a culture of death in many cases. Mr. LaLanne promoted HEALTH and WELLNESS, never the abuse of the mind and body that this business has evolved to be. He, and his wife, gave the world the gift of fitness for life, and greed has corrupted their truth into a lie.

The truth is simple. Eat good, whole, nutritionally dense food. Count your calories as advised by your doctor. Rest. Exercise, as your doctor believes to be appropriate for you, and avoid empty calories like those found in sugar and other simple carbs that have little to no nutritional benefit. It’s not rocket science. There’s no secret. There’s no miracle. There’s just you and the choices that you make every day.

Create Your Life.

Beware The False Profits


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    Love the message in this article!

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    Sadly because covid I cant do my hobby 😦

    1. David Yochim says:

      Well, I hope you can get back to your hobby soon! Thank you for reading, commenting and following us here at David’s Way.

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