Birch Benders Keto Brownie Review

Frosted sugar free brownie
Photo by David Yochim

It is a total myth that you can’t still enjoy sweet treats once in a while once you have gone sugar free. Birch Benders has a delicious sugar free brownie that is as good as any other brownie mix I have ever baked. It is sugar free and Keto friendly for those who care about that.

This brownie mix is as decadent as they come. It is easy to mix -all you add is oil, egg, and water, and then pop them into a preheated oven for about 30 minutes at 350* F. Easy peazy, you can’t mess this up.

These brownies are not the chewy type – they are more the dense cake type – in case you care.

These sugar free brownies are far superior to any other commercially available sugar free brownie, or cake mix, that I have ever tried. Often, the other brands come across with a blandness that cannot be overcome by any other traits that are not a turn off. Flavor is everything, and Birch Benders does not disappoint in the least.

These brownies have a deep, rich, fudge flavor along with a nice texture. They are moist and do not crumble apart when you serve them up to family and friends. I normally do not frost brownies, but after what my lovely co-author Brenda Sue had written about Birch Benders Keto frosting, I decided that I would frost my brownies, which turned out to be a good choice!

Burch Benders Keto Frosting
Photo by David Yochim

This frosting has a rather stiff consistency as Brenda Sue had identified in her cake review.  Her recommendation to empty the frosting into a bowl and to beat it with a mixer was spot on right. The frosting has a scrumptious chocolate flavor and a smoothness that can only come from coconut oil which it is made with. Unlike some sugar free products, there is no overt sweetness to Birch Benders frosting. This frosting, as well as the brownies, are sweetened with the sugar alcohol erythritol which has zero calories and only rates a 1 on the glycemic index scale. In other words, even frosted, these brownies are diabetic friendly!


Nutritional Information
Image copied from Burch Benders website. No copyright infringement intended.

As you can see from the nutritional information, Birch Benders brownies are not high in calories, and being so low in carbohydrates, they are not going to cause you to crave more later on. These brownies only net 3 grams total carbs since you can deduct the carbs from the fiber and sugar alcohol content as your body does not digest them.

There is nothing in the brownies, nor the frosting which will cause a rise in blood sugar, nor insulin since there is no refined flour or sugar in the ingredients. Additionally, there is nothing in the ingredients which will contribute to inflammation within your body. Birch Bender brownies are truly a healthy and tasty alternative to those containing refined flour and sugar.

Give Birch Benders a try, I am sure you will like their products!

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