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Titan Fanbike
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Titan Fan Bike Review!

After doing my review of the Proform Fan Bike my right side pedal broke. I was really enjoying that Fan Bike up until that point. I thought it would be no big deal to simply order a new pedal from Proform, however I was wrong on that account. Turns out Proform has discontinued that fan bike, and now replacement parts do not appear to be readily available either. I ordered a pedal, and several weeks later I canceled my order after receiving an email stating the pedals were not available. Upon receiving that piece of disappointing news, I read reviews on Titan’s Fan Bike and placed one on order the next day. Would you believe that two weeks later when I received my Titan Fan Bike, a new pedal arrived in the mail – go figure…

Easy Assembly

The Titan Fan Bike is going to require some assembly once you receive it, but this is not a big deal. Half of it is already put together for you. You will install the feet, pedals, seat, computer, handle bars, and the wheels to move it around.

Easy Peazy!

It took me about 45 minutes to assemble, but I was also having a few distractions – so for the mechanically inclined, I would say it can be assembled in about 30 minutes. All of the tools required for assembly will be included with your bike in case you do not have tools of your own.

Titan Fan Bike Computer Screen
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I like the computer that comes with the Titan Fan Bike. You can set it for total miles to ride, calories you want to burn, time, 2 preprogrammed interval programs and a custom interval setting. You can also set the computer to your age.

The only downside is that you must buy your own heart rate monitor that will pair with the computer. It would be nice if one were included, but for the quality of the fan bike for only $699.00 US, this bike is a true bargain. Titan recommends the Polar brand heart rate monitors which is what I purchased, and it works and pairs quite nicely!

Titan Fan Bike Pedals
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Chain Driven

This fan bike is chain driven, and is easily adjustable if, and when required.  If you look just forward of the pedal, you can see the easy to reach chain adjustment point.

The drive is not any noisier than any other fan bike I haver used. I hear more sound from the fan blowing air than I do from the drive.

Titan Fan Bike PEdals
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These pedals are heavy duty, and made from metal and have grip points to keep your feet from sliding off of them. The only complaint I have is there is a slight vibration in the pedals when pedaling at a high intensity of 26 to 30 MPH. But, I do not pedal that fast for long periods of time anyhow. At 20 to 25 MPH of pedaling, I notice no vibrations at all.

Titan Fan Bike Seat
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I find this seat to be quite comfortable, and love that it is actually more adjustable than that on my Proform Fan Bike. On this bike, you can adjust the seat up, down, fore and aft, and you can tilt the seat to your needs. The best thing about being able to move the seat back is you can place your body in a better position in order to not suffer any knee pain as you can get when the seat it is too far forward.

Titan Fan Bike Handle
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The Titan Fan Bike is not a light weight piece of gym equipment. Therefore it is good that it has a solid handle for ease of movement around the house, or even outside if you desire. As you can see from the top picture, this fan bike comes with large tires in order to move it around outside in your yard or drive easily.

Summing it up!

The adjustable seating positions kind of pitch you forward which makes you more inclined to pedal hard. The only downside for me is by having small hands for a man, I wish the handles were a little smaller so that I could grip them better – but this is only a very minor issue to me.

I love my Titan Fan Bike, and am actually kind of glad the pedal broke on my Proform Fan Bike, since I would not otherwise be enjoying the Titan. The Titan is solidly built all the way round. It wants to be ridden hard and put away wet with your sweat!

There is no way to track your heart rate without a heart rate monitor. This may disappoint some folks, but I actually like using my Polar H10 heart rate monitor better. It pairs with the fan bike, phone app, and my Polar Fitness Watch. And, I can use this heart rate monitor for any other exercise I want to do such as strength training.

I very highly recommend the Titan Fan Bike to anyone who is serious about their cardiovascular training. Being you can use it inside of your home, you can never use inclement weather as an excuse for not getting in your cardio.

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