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Weight loss supplements
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I have written plenty enough in regards to weight loss supplements in the past. However, it is impossible for a writer to cover each of the new products which come out each and every day. Apparently, these hucksters believe we are a world full of gullible people – while desperate customers only prove them to be correct in their analysis. Store shelves ae full of these supplements, as well as ads on every type of media you might encounter in a day.

Weight loss supplements are a waste of money!

Ever since people have began having weight problems, there have been shysters looking to empty the pockets of the desperate and gullible among us. This, despite the fact that with all the weight loss supplements which have been reviewed over the decades, there has never been any high quality evidence of the efficacy of any products which have come under review. I am of the opinion that we need closer scrutiny of the supplement industry and its role in promoting “misleading claims” about products.

The prevalence of obesity in America has sky rocketed over the last several years, and about a third of all dieters have admitted to trying supplements to assist with their weight loss. Many people turn to nonprescription weight loss supplements in the belief that they are “natural” or “clinically proven.” Consumers may even believe these products are as safe as FDA-approved drugs. Natural means very little when it comes to these supplements and clinically proven means even less – most of the testing clinics are actually owned by the supplement companies themselves.

In 2015, the New York State Attorney General’s Office accused four national retailers of selling fraudulent products that in many cases were contaminated with unlisted ingredients. Roughly four out of five products sold by Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC contained none of the herbs that were actually on the product labels! Do not think that six years later in 2021 these scammers have changed any – they haven’t.

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Marketing supplements has become too easy! 

If you know a little about marketing, you can be on your way selling bogus products too. Anyone can reach out to contract manufacturers -who can actually be found on Facebook – and ask for off the shelf formulations full of useless ingredients, slap on fancy labels, and then recruit some good looking Instagram celebrities to promote their bogus product.

Sadly, many people can be persuaded by convincing them these weight loss supplements have science on their side. All it takes to part the desperate from their hard earned cash is to convince them with loaded phrases such as “evidence based” and “clinically dosed”. Those phrases may sound convincing in validating the claims – but they are actually nothing more than empty promises.

Because the supplement industry is not well regulated the same as actual pharmaceutical companies, shysters can  target you with fraudulent appeals to science, and virtual impunity. For a lack of better terms, most weight loss supplement companies are full of crap. When you take a weight loss supplement, you are placing your health and well being into the hands of strangers who work in an industry that exists solely to rob you of your cash.

Weight Loss Supplements are a Waste



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