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I recently heard from a lady suffering with weight loss problems about how her expensive commercial weight loss program had been changed on her recently. It upset her that as she was just getting used to the program that she had paid for, the corporate entity made huge changes to their program – now she is once again struggling to lose weight.

When you sign up for any commercially available weight loss program, you need to examine how often they change up their program – and exactly why do they change.

Is it reasonable for them to change their service on you once you are on the hook for $20 to $50 per month?

There is no doubt in my mind that if one of these corporate entities are quizzed about why they changed their weight loss program, they would have a dandy answer in place for you. Corporate weight loss entities will often tout their changes are a result of new science, when the reality is the changes are more about dieters burnout than anything. They know that you are going to struggle with their diet plan – they know that you will burn out. They know this before you even pay your first months payment. Yet they will still try to excite you by keeping everything fresh and new – even though fresh and new is not what you need for weight loss! What you need is consistency and good nutrition!

Intrinsic Motivation!

Besides a healthy diet, one who desires weight loss needs intrinsic motivation – which comes from inside us. None of us ever really do well with diets when we use extrinsic motivation as a motivator. Extrinsic motivation comes when we attempt weight loss simply because our partner or physician wants us to – this almost never ends well folks. When you are paying for a commercially available weight loss program, your motivation may begin as intrinsic, but will end as extrinsic. Many dieters begin to expect weight loss because they have paid for a diet program which is allegedly well established by the top experts in the industry. These top scientists are actually trying to keep you from getting bored – they are also stringing you along as a perpetual income stream for the corporate entity they are employed by.

There is no secret to losing weight!

There is a vast array of commercially available diet plans for you to choose from.  The market is enormous and confusing – they are laying in wait to seize upon your money.

The hallmark of any successful diet plan is calorie restriction, especially those calories which have little to no nutritional value. The best part of all, is you do not need to spend money on any diet plan to achieve successful weight loss – and then the management of your weight afterwards.

Quit sending your hard earned cash to corporate entities that have a rainbow of colors to identify their different programs. Forget any fad diets that a friend of your Aunt Margaret had success with. And get over the idea that you can continue to eat the foods that got you overweight in the first place! If you had little self control over poor nutrition choices in the past, you are going to once again have little control in the future.

You have to limit your intake of calories if you want healthy weight loss!

  • Reduce your portion sizes! Contrary to what you might believe, you do not need to eat nearly as much as you do. You need to not eat as if you are in an all you can eat buffet, especially at events or family gatherings.
  • Eat more fiber and complex carbohydrates. Fiber-rich, complex carbs take much longer to break down than simple carbs. This helps keep blood sugar levels steady, as sugar reaches the blood stream gradually. Because complex carbs are digested more slowly, they provide sustained energy and help you feel full for longer.
  • Quit eating foods that have little to no nutritional value. Junk foods are not required for any diet, and eating them on a regular basis can lead to an increased risk of obesity and chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and some cancers.
  • Quit, or strictly limit the mount of processed foods that you consume. When you stop eating processed food and simple carbs, there will be a sudden drop in the amount of sugar or salt that you were imbibing which contribute to your weight problems.

Good dietary practices are essential for a healthy body. It helps your body and its organs  to function normally. Proper nutrition helps you to maintain a healthy weight, reduces body fat, provides your body with energy, and promotes good sleep. A well balanced diet should include a mix of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. This can be found in a variety of wholesome, fresh foods like meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy, nuts etc.

David’s Way to Health and Fitness

We believe that everyone has the right to be healthy regardless of their financial status. Everything here on the website is free.  You should never have to pay for the simple truth about how to lose weight.  It’s not rocket science. While many entities make a lot of money dispensing information concerning weight loss, the way to lose weight is so simple that we believe that it’s an unalienable right to have free access to these basic truths.  The truth should not be available only to those who can afford it.  We’re here to help you manage your weight and live a healthy and full life through good nutritional practices and physical fitness.

Check out our David’s Way Plan by clicking this link. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose but an unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight.

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